Little girl enjoying the top tours in Annapolis

Top Tours to Experience in Annapolis

Now that you have figured out the easy parts of your upcoming vacation, including choosing Annapolis for your destination and At Home Annapolis for your accommodations, things can become a little more unclear when it comes to the other details, especially if this is your first time visiting our beautiful city on the Chesapeake Bay. Fortunately, your early choices have led you to us, and we want to make sure you enjoy every minute of your getaway. As such, we are providing this guide to the top tours in Annapolis to experience during your stay!

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Annapolis Trolley, 2404 Nichols Road

Trolley tours are generally the best way to get to know the place you are visiting, giving visitors the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the places that most interest them, learn their history, and perhaps decide to come back at a later time to explore in more depth! Annapolis Trolley offers a series of Discover Annapolis tours that will give you the inside scoop on what makes our town tick. The red trolleys are comfortable, fun, and make a great backdrop to family pics, so don’t forget to bring your camera!

Food Tours in Annapolis

The best way to get to know any town is by sampling the cuisine for which it is known, and Annapolis Food Tours offers a Best of Annapolis tour that does just that. Lasting 3.5 hours and taking guests to some of the best restaurants in town, each offering a dish for which they are famous, the history lesson that accompanies the tour is fascinating! Offering more than just a taste of the town, this food tour also takes guests past some of the more historic spots in town, so be sure to make the tour one of the first you take.

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Watermark Tours, 1 Dock Street

As you may have suggested by the name, this awesome tour company offers a variety of water tours guaranteed to impress even the most cynical of travelers! Cruise the bay with a tour lasting anywhere from 40 minutes to a full day on the Harbor Queen and be “swept away” by the beauty of the town, the bay, and if you are still on the cruise at sunset, the magnificent colors that light up the sky!

The Best Is Yet to Come

Each day will be filled with adventures you will never want to forget, and when you come home to your At Home Annapolis luxurious escape, the nights will be even better! Reserve your stay with us today!

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