Top Things You May Not Know About Annapolis

There are quite a few things that our great town of Annapolis is known for, but we’re sure there are quite a few things about our beautiful town that you didn’t know about, too! Here are five of the top things you may not know about Annapolis:

All of Downtown Annapolis is a Registered National Historic Landmark

While the Annapolis Historic District is already one of the most popular landmarks for tourists to visit, did you know that the Historic District is more than just a name? It’s actually called the Historic District because the entirety of it is a registered National Historic Landmark! There are more than 60 18th century structures that survive in the downtown area, and this was done in an effort to protect them.

Annapolis’ Name Has Royal Roots

Here is a bit of Annapolis information: Annapolis originally had made names in its history, most notably “Providence”. So how did they initially settle on a name such as Annapolis? Well, it’s simple! Sir Francis Nicholson, a British Army General who served as Governor of the Maryland territory, gave the town its official name in 1694 after Princess Anne of Denmark and Norway (who would later become Queen Anne of Great Britain).

Annapolis is the Oldest State Capital in Continuous Legislative Use

When the individual states began trying to find their way in a post-Revolutionary War, it certainly wasn’t uncommon for many states to change their capitals a few times before settling on the right fit. Even the federal government flipped flopped a few times before finally settling on Washington D.C.! But Maryland was quite the opposite, as Annapolis has stood as the capital of Maryland since January 14th, 1784, and this makes Annapolis the oldest state capital in continuous legislative use in US history. What a cool thing to know about Annapolis!

About Annapolis: Annapolis is Home to Two Universities!

When people usually think of the town of Annapolis, they immediately think of the U.S. Naval Academy, but you probably forgot that there’s another university as well, didn’t you? Well, Annapolis is also proudly the home of St. John’s College as well, it is an important piece of Annapolis information!

Speaking of… Did You Know We Have Our Own Liberty Bell?

That’s right Philadelphia, you’re not the only one! Well, they have the original, and we have a replica, but it’s still true! Sitting on the campus of St. John’s College lies one of the 55 replica Liberty Bells the U.S. Department of Treasury cast in 1950 as part of the defense bond drive.
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