Top 5 Wildlife Watching Spots in Annapolis, MD

When a lot of us travel, we do so with the hope of being able to truly sit back, unwind, and relax as we let the troubles and stresses of modern life drift away. There really is no better place to relax and enjoy the peaceful serenity of nature than the places local wildlife call home. There is just something inherently relaxing about watching the squirrels chitter and chatter at each other, the birds lazily drift through the sky, and the rabbits slowly bound about their day. Annapolis has plenty of places for those looking for some pretty views, a chance to relax, and even to catch a glimpse of the various wildlife that calls the area home. If you’re looking to reconnect with nature and our wild cousins, read to see our picks for the top five spots for watching wildlife in Annapolis, Maryland!

Thomas Point Park

We all love the beach, especially when it allows us to not only splash in the waters and explore the beach like we did when we were young, but also a chance to sit back and enjoy the quiet as you spy a seagull gliding overhead. Well, Thomas Point Park is a great place to stop if you are looking for a small, quiet beach to spend some time gazing out across the bay as you allow the soothing sound of ways lull your mind. Further, you’ll find a lovely walking trail which is perfect for those looking to get away for a few moments, but maybe not want to take on a strenuous hike. As well, if there are any fisherman in your party, they are sure to enjoy fishing access to the various water areas nearby including Chesapeake Bay, Fishing Creek, and the South River! Keep in mind that a parking pass is required, which ensures that the quiet tranquility you were hoping for is maintained. So, if you are looking to enjoy the sights and smells of the bay, and maybe do some bird watching, then make sure you stop by Thomas Point Park!

B&A Trail

Continuing on we have the B&A Trail which you’ll find snakes through the forest and town a staggering total of 13.7 miles, making this trail particular popular amongst bikers. However, whether you walk or ride it, you are sure to enjoy the large, wooded sections which will have you finally feeling like you escaped the city and are once again surrounded in the quiet embrace of the trees. Further, if you keep your eyes peeled, you are sure to see a variety of different birds and local wildlife flitting amongst the trees. Come during the right time of year and you’ll also be gifted with the breathtaking views of gorgeous wildflowers which paint the ground with their striking colors. As well, with it being a semi popular trail, you will find that it’s not only paved, making this a great hike for all skill levels, but also well maintained, ensuring that the area is as pristine as the day it was created. So, why not escape from the chaos of the city for a while and join the natural world, and the wildlife within, at the B&A Trail!

Sandy Point State Park

Stretching out across 786 acres, this national park is a great place to hang out if you not only are looking to do some birdwatching, but also get a sight of the local aquatic life. You’ll that often the beach is streaming with jellyfish. While this can make a walk on the beach a bit difficult, it does give you a chance to see a rather fascinating creature in its natural habitat. Further, you’ll find that the picnic areas, as well as the sandy beach, are perfect places to relax and watch the various local birds go about their day to day lives. If you find yourself tiring of the birds, feel free to take a dip in the waters, rent a boat, or even take a nice nature walk on one of the many trails. One can even kill a few hours casting a line and seeing if any of the fish are willing to take a nibble. So, if you are looking for a lovely park that not only offers a variety of activities upon the water but is a great place to see some of the common wildlife, make sure you stop by Sandy Point State Park.

Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters Park is not just a great place to relax and get some fresh air, but also a common local hangout spot, and as you walk around its 340 acres, it quickly becomes apparent why. One has a variety of options to choose from upon arrival. For instance, there is the various walking trails that snake around the park, which also provide a good path should your furry friend need some exercise as well. Speaking of, if you find yourself traveling with pets, make sure you check out the dog beach so they too can frolic amongst the waves and sand. If you explore the visitor center, you will find two art galleries where you can admire the creative skill of local artists. In the winter you’ll also notice the ice skating ring which pops up and allows for a classic afternoon of winter fun. For those looking to spot some wildlife, keep an eye out as many waterfowl call the area home and you are sure to see several of the native species. It truly is no wonder that locals and visitors alike flock to Quite Waters Park every day!

Ellen O. Moyer Nature Park

Finally at our number one spot we have the perfect place for those of you looking to get up close and personal with the wildlife who calls Maryland home. You’ll find that, like many of the items on this list, you will spy a variety of different species of local birds, making it a great spot for bird watchers. You’ll see everything from robins to heron, osprey, and some even claim to have seen several dears exploring the area! Further, while this nature park might not be the longest, you’ll find that the trails take you through a gorgeous, wooded section that, while not being far away from the city and its inhabitants, still makes you feel alone and secluded with your thoughts. As well, being short makes for a perfect nature walk the entire family can enjoy, no matter their individual skill levels. So, come to Ellen O. Moyer Nature Park and take a walk as you spy some of the beautiful birds that call the area home and enjoy the breathtaking forest and the fresh air.

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