Top 5 Under the Radar Attractions

Travelers are an interesting breed, choosing to uproot their lives if only for a week at a time, exploring places unknown, sleeping in beds that do not belong to them, and keeping a checklist of all the “popular” vacation destinations that they take great pride in marking each adventure off the list when experienced. There is a subset of travelers, however, that prefers to follow the unusual, exploring under-the-radar Annapolis attractions that are possibly only known about by residents and other like-minded individuals! If you fall into this subcategory, this guide to hidden gems, under the radar, and off-the-beaten path attractions and adventures is sure to make your upcoming journey to Annapolis one you will never forget!

Helen Avalynne Tawes Garden, 580 Taylor Avenue

As we grow more sophisticated in our interests, we tend to forget the simpler pleasures in life: an afternoon spent fishing from a row boat, a few minutes in the evening watching the sunset, and a walk in the garden are just some of the wonders we may not often explore. Visiting the Helen Avalynne Tawes Garden, however, will help you remember that simple can sometimes be sublime. Offering five acres of plants, flowers, bushes, and trees as well as pathways that are shaded and peaceful, the gardens, courtesy of one of Maryland’s former governors wife’s, a picnic in the garden (tables are provided) may end up being the activity you remember most!

Annapolis World War II Memorial, 1919 Governor Ritchie Highway

Military buffs love nothing more than visiting battlegrounds and war memorials, but most are not aware the Annapolis World War II Memorial even exists. It is easy to get lost in the shadow of the America’s treasure, the US Naval Academy, it is definitely something that should be added to your itinerary. Overlooking the Severn River, a quiet tranquility and a sense of something important may overcome you as you walk amongst the granite slabs that honor the memory of the Marylanders that lost their life during this horrific war. As you reflect on the freedoms you enjoy, fought for by the people behind the names on those granite slabs, you will understand why we placed this special place on our list of the best of the best!

Haunted Harbor Tours

Today the city of Annapolis is a cheerful place, filled with light and laughter, but it was not always that way. Before streets were paved and lights were electrified, even before our nation become an independent country, people died untimely deaths in a town that was quite a bit more uncivilized than you would expect! Today, the tour guides of Haunted Harbor Tours take great pleasure in showing you the dirty underbelly of civilization, with their most popular tour, the Maiden Village Walking Tour, taking place every day of the year at 8:30 PM. Telling the stories that have come straight from urban records, be sure to keep an eye out for visitors who may not have purchased tickets and who may not even be among the living!

18th Century Architecture, Everywhere You Look

No, we didn’t give an address for this hidden gem, because we just don’t have enough word space! Annapolis is known for having more 18th century buildings than any other state. We are proud of our history, and as you take your own self-guided tour of history, be sure to explore the homes in which former signers of the Declaration of Independence once lived! The William Paca House, the Chase Lloyd House, and the Hammond Harwood House are a few worthy examples, but the Shiplap House should definitely not be skipped. HGTV fans know the appeal of shiplap, and seeing a home entirely clad in the material is guaranteed to be a highlight of your Annapolis adventures!

I Do in Annapolis

Definitely not an attraction, but did you know that Annapolis is also known as an under the radar wedding destination? Ranking up there with Marrakesh, Morocco, and Barcelona, the charm of the residents, the beauty of the land and bay-scapes, and the overall ambience makes Annapolis the perfect place to start a new life with the one you will love forevermore! Many of our At Home Annapolis homes feature idyllic backyards filled with flowers and mature trees that will make the perfect backdrop to your I dos, or if you prefer something spectacular, London Town, a historic community that got its humble beginnings in the late 1600s, offers professional wedding services bound to make your day unforgettable!

Every Day Is a New Adventure

One “attraction” that is NOT under the radar is your At Home Annapolis vacation sanctuary! Filled with comfort and offering a peaceful environment you will never want to leave, choosing us is guaranteed to be the best choice you make this year. Reserve your home with us today!

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