Top 5 Spots For A Great Photo

Although we do enjoy shopping for souvenirs and mementos of our vacation explorations, sometimes the most meaningful piece that we bring back home is the collection of photos we take during our time away. And even if the majority of those photos never really see the light of day, printing and framing the really good ones allow us to go relive that trip of a lifetime every time we pass by the spot in which we have chosen to hang it. We want your memories of Annapolis to last a lifetime, so we are offering this list of the top five spots for photo opportunities in Annapolis to ensure you snap plenty of frame-worthy pics!

Chesapeake Bay

Absolutely any spot along the shores of Chesapeake Bay offers the perfect photo opportunity. The steel gray waters contrasting with the clear blue skies and the multi-colored sailboats skimming across make Chesapeake one of the most photographed spots in the world. And because the view is constantly changing, you are guaranteed to snap a selection of prints ready to be framed without having to leave your spot!

Main Street

Red brick streets and sidewalks, historic buildings with colorful awnings, and the people hustling and bustling as they go about their daily business all combine to create a picture of beauty. How can you not whip out your camera (or cell phone) and capture a pic of your youngest daughter, skin slightly tanned, hair slightly tousled, as she devours an ice cream cone with the beauty of Main Street blurring in the background? She won’t be this age ever again, but every time you look at the picture, in your mind she will have never aged.

Maryland State House, 100 State Circle

Standing tall and proud, the Maryland State House has seen some things in its long life, but other than the feel of history, this distinguished building only reveals red bricks, white columns, and a solemn promise to never let us down. In continual use since construction ended in 1772, it’s impossible to take a bad picture here!

The U.S. Naval Academy, 121 Blake Road 

Whether you are hoping to snap a glimpse of young faces filled with hope or are simply looking for a scenic backdrop for your annual Christmas card photo, the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academic offer plenty of both types of photo opportunities in Annapolis! If your own child is about to graduate, the sight of hundreds of hats thrown in the air as young faces flushed with pride and success stare up at them is one photo you’ll want to hang in a prominent place!

William Paca House and Gardens, 186 Prince George Street 

Once the home of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, the historical importance of this home begs to be immortalized, but it may be the flowers that bloom freely on the grounds that you will want to hang on your wall! Colorful, cheerful, and aromatic, a close-up of the white bridge crossing a little creek with the emerald green grass, mature trees, and happy flowers will bring a happy smile of remembrance to your face for years to come! The William Paca House and Gardens is one of the most scenic spots in Maryland and it should not be missed!

Bonus Photo Opportunities in Annapolis

Our At Home Annapolis vacation escapes offer plenty of photo opportunities and memories that will last a lifetime. Reserve yours today!

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