Top 5 Spots for a Gorgeous View

It is hard to go anyplace in Annapolis without tripping over an amazing view, but when you want to see something special, turn to At Home Annapolis. Seriously, we never fail our guests, as we consider keeping our guests entertained one of the most important part of our jobs—aside from providing homes that are comfortable, luxurious, and stylish, of course! This guide to the top spots for Annapolis sightseeing will help you come home with a file filled with frame-worthy photos that you may not have the room for back home, but we know you will find the space for! If nothing else, your social media pages are destined to be the envy of every one of your friends and contacts, so there is always that!

Hogshead, 43 Pinkney Street

It may be strange to choose a crumbling house for our list of top views, but coming in at number five is Hogshead, one of Annapolis’ earliest buildings. Built in the 18th century and used as a museum today, the modest clapboard sided structure with a gambrel roof was once a common sight and was even used for military barracks during the big battle—you know, the one where we desperately fought for our freedom? Yeah, that one! Pinkney Street is a narrow lane lined with historic homes all painted in a variety of bright colors which photograph beautifully, and when you stand in the middle of the street, if you listen carefully, you may hear the echoes of boots marching, and if you squint your eyes in just the right way, you may even see the shadows of the Revolutionary soldier inside those boots, marching off to an unsure future.

Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse, Thomas Point Shoal

There is no lovelier sight than the view of a lighthouse providing safety for the boats that pass through the night, and we may be biased, but we think the Thomas Point Shoal Light is one of the most beautiful in the nation. Unlike most lighthouses, this structure resembles an octagonal shaped home, perched atop metal legs that reach down into the waters of the bay. Painted a crisp and cheerful white, the red shingled roof provides a stunning contrast, giving the space an appearance that is not unlike the historic Hotel Del Coronado! The light itself is housed in a black frame, reaching up from the top peak of the building, shining brightly for all to see at night. The only thing that makes this charming spot even more beautiful is when it is viewed at sunset, the sky turning a million shades of pastels and fire and the waters of Chesapeake Bay providing a moody base, so pick your visiting time carefully to ensure you see the best of the best!

Ellen O. Moyer Nature Park at Back Creek, 7314 Edgewood Road

The simple beauty of a small park can never be overlooked, and the views discovered at the Ellen O. Moyer Nature Park have moved this 12-acre segment of land to the third spot on our top five list! Once sadly neglected and falling into disrepair, renovations completed just a few years ago has turned the park into one of our shining stars! Featuring idyllic water views, a tree studded landscape, and walking trails that let visitors get out there and experience nature in all its glory, this park even offers a small museum dedicated to inspiring a love for Chesapeake Bay.

The William Paca House Gardens, 186 Prince George Street

We have discussed the charms of the William Paca House many times over the years, and anyone who follows us knows that is the residence of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. But before you roll your eyes and scroll on down to number one, take a minute to appreciate the elegant gardens that make up the landscape of this admittedly gorgeous structure! Taking visitors back to a softer, gentler time, the trails that meander through the flowers, trees, and bushes are easy for everyone to traverse. The elegance of mature gardens will shine through in every picture you take, making this special spot one of your favorites!

Schooner Woodwind Sailing Cruises, 80 Compromise Street

You came for the water and the waters of the Chesapeake Bay are where you will find the most beautiful views of all! Take a sunset cruise aboard the Woodwind or Woodwind 2, both of which are wooden replicas of schooners from the 19th century and cruise past all the places you have been visiting on land, including the US Naval Academy losing yourself in the beauty of the sky, the water, and the land as the sun sinks into the bay. Sign up for one of their specialty cruises, including the Classic Wooden Boat Regatta and join the crew, helping to win the race against other wooden boats, or choose a private cruise for you and your closest friends or family. The views from the deck of the Woodwind are guaranteed to be the best views in all of the state!

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