Top 5 Restaurants for a Romantic Dinner

You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion to enjoy a romantic dinner for two. You’re on vacation in Annapolis, and we can’t think of a better reason to enjoy a fairytale evening out on the town with the one you love. And when it comes to romance, no one does it better than these five romantic restaurants in Annapolis! Offering romantic ambiance, delicious food, and the opportunity to exclusively concentrate on your favorite traveling partner for an hour or so, we are in love with love no matter what time of year, and so are these five special spots!

The Melting Pot, 2348 Solomons Island Road, (410) 266-8004

Low lights, quiet chatter, and the blurred reflection of your faces as seen in the silver metal of a fondue pot combine to create an atmosphere of love and romance. Add in your favorite gooey cheese, cocktail, and a sweet dessert and The Melting Pot will be the perfect spot to fall in love again! Fondue has been a special treat for decades, but somehow the owners and staff have taken this cheesy meal to the next level making it a great date night in Maryland!

Osteria 177, 177 Main Street, (410) 267-7700

 Nothing whispers romance louder than a classic Italian meal a la Lady and the Tramp, and Osteria 177 offers a modern twist to the age-old classic. White tablecloths, candlelight, and a plate of Linguine all’Osteria to share—it just doesn’t get any better than this! 

Café Normandie, 85 Main Street, (410) 263-3382

 As we continue our tour of romantic restaurants in Annapolis, our next stop is France, with a visit to the Café Normandie. Offering everything from escargot to Crepe Suzanne, this sophisticated spot offers the charm of a French Café. Don’t be surprised to find yourself peering out the window in search of the Eiffel Tower! 

Chart House, 300 Second Street, (410) 268-7166

 When you live this close to the Bay, you have to expect that the seafood we serve is sweet and fresh, and you would be correct! The Chart House is not your typical chain, offering a menu that is innovative and an atmosphere that is filled with romance. Live entertainment on select nights amp up the fun and boost your spirits!

 Harry Browne’s Restaurant, 66 State Circle, (410) 263-4332

 Sometimes romance can be enhanced with a sexy touch of power, and if dining with the political stars makes your heart beat a little faster, dinner at Harry Browne’s Restaurant is highly recommended! White tablecloths and the scent of power makes Harry Browne’s Restaurant the spot where all the powerful dine and attempt to be seen; the taste of perfectly prepared steaks is just an added benefit!

You Can Go Out to Romantic Restaurants in Annapolis

 Or you can order in and enjoy a date night in Maryland in one of our At Home Annapolis honeymoon hideaways. Reserve yours today!

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