Top 5 Local Only Shops to Visit

The only thing we love better than eating on vacation is shopping on vacation. Dipping in and out of stores, seeking the perfect coffee mugs, magnets, and tee shirts that loudly proclaim yes, we went there! Browsing the aisles of chic boutiques, finding the cutest purses and the sweetest shoes, or taking a step back into the past and browsing through history in local antique stores. Shopping is truly one of the top vacation activities, and because our At Home Annapolis vacation sanctuaries offer fully equipped laundry rooms, you were able to pack light and leave plenty of room in your suitcase for all the treasures you pick up at these local only Annapolis shopping spots!

Anne Arundel County Farmers Market, 275 Harry S. Truman Parkway

You can’t get much more local than a farmers’ market, and if your journey brings you to Annapolis during the warmer months, the Anne Arundel County Farmers Market is the perfect way to kill a few of your weekend hours. Open on Saturday and Sunday mornings only (7 AM until noon and 10 AM until 1 PM respectively) and featuring the wares of local farmers, crafts people, and artisans, you never know who, or what you might encounter in the aisles! We have experienced animal encounters, (peregrine falcon and owner) face painters, (for the kids) and so much more that we are just going to tell you that number five on our list is worth the time, so just go!

Historic Annapolis Museum Store, 77 Main Street

Don’t you love being able to play and do a good deed at the same time? The Historic Annapolis Museum Store is a non-profit store with the proceeds going to the preservation of history and the education needed to ensure that EVERYONE knows how important it is to do their part, so shop, explore, and feel good about yourself as you do! Offering historically themed wares that include models of the boats that have skimmed the waters of Chesapeake Bay, jewelry that is new and beautiful but inspired by pieces from the past, and crab inspired gifts because, well, you are in Maryland and crabs are our spirit animals! This charming establishment is open every day of the week and offers an online store, so if there is something you see that you don’t want to trek home with you, order it online and have it delivered.

Bon Vivant Antiques Store, 104 Annapolis Street

Annapolis and American history are forever intertwined, and you never know what piece of Americana workmanship you might find when browsing the aisles of Bon Vivant Antiques Store! Housed inside a charming bungalow and filled to the rafters with housewares, décor, artwork, and jewelry, everything for sale has its own story to tell. Open every day of the week, (11-5 most days and 12-4 on Sundays) losing yourself in the stories of the past while picking up a few things that speak the loudest to you may be the one memory from your Annapolis getaway that will make your smile the brightest.

Annapolis Pottery, 40 State Circle

Offering hand-crafted pieces that make the perfect gift for pet sitters and house watchers as well as a cherished memento of all the good times you have had in Annapolis, the Annapolis Pottery store is a local favorite! The historic building, inside which you will find treasures you can’t live without, stands tall and proud on the corner, its red roof and awning serving as a beacon for all shoppers everywhere while the window boxes filled with flowers give the space a homey ambience that is warm and welcoming. Featuring everything from the expected—mugs, pitchers, and plates—to things you never thought about, (crab-shaped tealight holders or animal shaped objets) your time spent roaming the aisles of Annapolis Pottery is guaranteed to be fruitful!

A.L. Goodies General Store, 112 Main Street

No one would expect a general store to be our number one, and most are probably wondering what a general store even is, but A.L. Goodies provides a happy blast from the past with its selection of just about everything you could ever need! You see, there once was a time in our lives, way back in the long ago past, when boutiques, specialty shops, and even grocery stores did not exist. If you needed pickles, if you needed material to sew a new dress, or if you needed candy to sweeten the disposition of your cranky child, you would hitch up the horses to the wagon and head into town to the General Store and purchase it all. Now obviously, we don’t hitch horses to our vehicles, and we rarely sew our own dresses anymore, but when you are enjoying your Annapolis getaway, you have to make your way to A.L. Goodies General Store! Offering home goods, apparel (their US Navy collection is wonderful!) jewelry, and gifts, this sweet shop is the oldest and most loved gift store in town.

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