Top 5 Late-Night Hangout Spots in Annapolis, MD

The night is a very special time, when all the world goes to sleep, and one can feel the quiet lull that settles over the world like a blanket. When the sun falls behind the horizon, all manner of exciting fun and parties begin to take shape, as if with the vanishing of the sun so to does the need to keep constant restraint, and we can finally let loose like we’ve wanted to all day. Here in Annapolis, we too have a wide variety of things to do and choose from for those night owls looking for some fun. So, join us as we explore our choice for the top five best hangouts spots to experience Annapolis nightlife!

Trophy Room

First off on our tour we have an eatery and bar rooted in the oddly pleasurable pang of nostalgia, as well as taking their own spin on the classic American dishes we have all grown to love. For instance, you will find cheese and pepper jelly, buffalo fried cauliflower, smash burgers, a PB&J Burger, (oddly this combination is becoming increasingly popular of late) and the classic plate of chicken and waffles. While you feast upon delicious food, make sure you pair it with one of their various specialty cocktails, each of which is carefully crafted. If that’s not quite your thing, they also have a selection of wines, beers, and non-alcoholic drinks for you to choose from. Enjoy a late-night eatery that is fancy and elegant, yet at the same time lively and fun as any nighttime bar should be at the Trophy Room!

Castlebay Irish Pub

What better place is there to enjoy a night out then an old-fashioned Irish pub? Here you will find a cozy, welcoming interior that is perfect to grab a good drink and laugh and talk late into the night. Further, you will find not only good drinks, but a wide selection of traditional Irish pub food, including fish and chips, pot roast, and bangers and mash (sausage and mashed potatoes). Further, you’ll find some more familiar entrees for those looking for something not quite so different. For instance, you’ll find all day breakfasts, tuna melts, sliders, and crab cake sandwiches. So, embrace the night with the spirit of the Irish at Castlebay Irish Pub and truly have a night you won’t forget.

Rams Head on Stage

While bars and eateries are as good a place to spend a night chatting and creating memories as any, the Rams Head is a bit unique in that it is not only a full venue which hosts a variety of acts, but you’ll find their sister tavern close by, ensuring a night of entertainment, good food and drinks. At the stage you will find a large variety of acts ranging from original bands playing their creative creations to cover bands adding a new spin and paying homage to their musical heroes, comedians going about their routine as the audience howls with laughter, and many others. If you find your stomach rumbling, head over to Rams Head Tavern and enjoy a wide selection of various food ranging from burgers and tacos to wings and everything in between! Feel free to make a night out of it and have some good food and drinks at the Tavern, then head on over to the Rams Head, where your true night’s entertainment lies!

Stan & Joes Saloon West

Offering a variety of daily specials, Stan & Joes Saloon West is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a diverse list of entertainment, some good food, and great drinks. You’ll find that every day of the week there is something new going on at Saloon West. You’ll find open mic nights on Mondays, Bar Trivia Tuesdays, Karaoke Thursday, and live music every Friday and Saturday night! As you can see, if you’re looking for some late-night fun then Saloon West has it all and more. Don’t get too caught up in the shows, though, as you’d be doing yourself a disservice not to try their selection of delectable food ranging from a juicy and rich buffalo burger to the unique combo of BBQ turkey wings, pot stickers, cheesy nachos, cheesesteak, tacos, and everything in between! As well, you are sure to be delighted to discover that everything placed before you is homemade with as much care put in as a home-cooked meal. So, grab a drink, pick your nightly entertainment, and settle down for an evening at Stan & Joes Saloon West.

Galway Bay Irish Restaurant and Pub

Finally, at number one we have a world-renowned Galway Bay Irish Restaurant and Pub, and it quickly becomes apparent why. The Galway Bay Irish Pub makes it its goal to provide a true, authentic Irish experience. This goes even down to the food, where you will find all the classics from across the pond. You’ll find Fish and Chips, Shepherds Pie, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Corned Beef Poppers and more! As well, you will find that each meal is prepared with local products and producers, ensuring that you are only served the freshest of the fresh. Further, it wouldn’t be an Irish pub if a stiff drink wasn’t in your hands. Well, Galway Bay Irish Pub offers selections from their extensive whiskey bar (which boasts being the largest in Maryland). What’s more, while you are enjoying your plate of Irish home cooking, try out a whiskey tasting flight so you can truly explore the subtle world of Whiskey tasting. When all this is taken into consideration, it becomes apparent why they have won a host of various awards, including being rated the Best Irish Pub since 2000; it was even featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives! So, grab a tasting flight of fine Irish whiskey, sit down at your plate of fish and chips, and spend the night partying like the Irish at Galway Bay Irish Restaurant and Pub!

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