Top 5 Annapolis Indoor Activities

As beautiful as the Annapolis weather can be at times, we understand that, every once in a while, the humidity can get a little nasty. That’s why we certainly wouldn’t blame you if you suddenly felt the need to seek some shelter indoors! On days where the weather may not necessarily be agreeing with your plans and you need to find something to do indoors, here are our top five picks of some of the best Annapolis indoor activities:

Naval Academy Museum

There is nothing that the town of Annapolis is better known for than its connection with the United States Navy and Marine Corps, and this history begs to be explored at the incredible Naval Academy Museum. Constantly growing and evolving since it first opened in 1845, the museum now hosts a plethora of exhibits, including model ships, weapons, uniforms, and so much more, letting it offer fantastic indoor activities Annapolis!

Chesapeake Children’s Museum

In today’s world, it’s important to teach our children about how fun learning can be, and the Chesapeake Children’s Museum does just that! The mission of the museum is to create an environment of discovery for children about oneself, the peoples, the technologies, and the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay area as a whole. They do this by creating a number of exhibits that are both fun and educational, and if you’re looking to spend a day inside with the whole family, this could be a perfect solution!

Indoor Activities Annapolis: Z-Bounce

Z-Bounce is the ultimate fun destination for kids of all ages here in Annapolis! Z-Bounce features a number of amazing bounce houses that are perfect for entertaining the kids, and they offer prices ranging from a half hour all the way up to a monthly pass. Come see why it is one of the most popular Annapolis indoor activities!

Muse Paintbar

Looking for the perfect way to enjoy a night out and tap into that creative side? Check out Muse Paintbar, where they combine painting instruction with a restaurant and bar! Muse holds a new painting session each and every day, so you’ll be guaranteed not to be bored each and every time you come back! There is no skill or age requirement required to attend these indoor activities Annapolis, so make sure to bring out the whole family to enjoy a night out if you’d like.

Historic Annapolis Museum

The town of Annapolis is one that is absolutely jam-packed with a wealth of history, dating back all the way to its first days as the capital of Maryland. Over the past couple of years, all of this history has been encompassed into one place: The Historic Annapolis Museum. Inside includes an ongoing and ever-changing exhibit on our town’s history, including a 1819 scale model of the city, artifacts, and much more!
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