Top 5 Fancy Restaurants in Annapolis, MD

Every now and then there is something rather special about getting dressed up, going to an upscale, intimate restaurant that is perhaps lit mainly by the flickering light of the table candles and where we are pampered and treated to food that is created with the same love and care an artist would put into their masterpiece. Well, there is no better time to treat yourself to something special, elegant, and sophisticated than when on vacation! If you are looking to for a special meal surrounded with fancy elegance, make sure you read about our picks for the top five fancy restaurants in Annapolis, MD.

Lewnes’ Steakhouse

Having been in business since 1921, Lewnes’ knows what’s doing and the constant smile on its guests’ faces are a testament to that fact. Here you will find all that you could want from a steak house, some good wine and drinks, a warm welcoming atmosphere, an intimate ambiance, and of course some good mouthwatering steaks. Well, while Lewnes’ more than meets the first of these, it’s the last that it really stands out. You’ll find a variety of steaks and even some seafood as you explore their menu and feel your stomach rumble in anticipation. You’ll find such juicy eats as their 13 oz filet mignon or their 16 oz ribeye, as well as their broiled Atlantic salmon filet or their grilled double-breasted chicken. If your eyes widen thinking about the size of the 28 oz porterhouse, make sure you look a bit lower and see the porterhouse is completely dwarfed by their offer of a 40 oz tomahawk ribeye. If you’re truly looking for a place that you can rest assured you won’t leave hungry, Lewnes’ Steakhouse is the place for you!

O’Learys Seafood Restaurant

While many other places try to impress you with fancy websites or extravagant architecture to entice patrons into dining within their walls, O’Learys Seafood Restaurant relies on the food itself to do the talking. You will find the food is not only delectable in every fashion, but truly looks as though it has been sculpted by some famed artists rather than a dish you are meant to eat. You’ll also find a variety of seafood options that is sure to have your stomach grumbling every time a dish is goes by. You’ll find such classics as crab cakes or shrimp and grits. However, you’ll also find some unique creations like the crab mac and cheese. If you aren’t from the coast and are looking for something unique, try their crispy rockfish! You can never go wrong with the delicious treat of a whole Maine lobster. Truly, no matter what aspect of the fishy deeps you are craving, you are sure to find at O’Learys.

Carrol’s Creek Café

Let us now go to the world of casual fine dining, where you get the best of both worlds: a place you can be yourself and relax but also enjoy the wonder flavors of fine dining. Well, no place fits this description better then Carrol’s Creek Café, who offer a wide selection of different entrées for you to enjoy as you relax after a long day. You’ll find favorites such as sea scallops or fried calamari, but you’ll also see other more unique creations such as rack of lamb spiced with cumin or a shrimp salad sandwich. Along with these, you’ll also spy fancier eats such as tuna tartare or grilled filet mignon. Of course, make sure you pair your fine meal with one of the bottles hidden away in the wine cellar amongst other treasures. So, if you’d like some good wine, along with some unique fare, then make sure you stop by Carrols Creek Café today!

Blackwall Hitch

As we begin to near the end of our journey through the delectable world of fine dining, we come to the two best in the array. Here we have Blackwall Hitch, which is the perfect place to go if you are not only looking for perfectly made food and an elegant atmosphere but also some lively music to spice up the night. You will find that most nights there is some band or musician playing, ensuring that there is almost always a show to go with your fine meal and maybe even some dancing if you’re feeling up to it. Further, if an intimate setting is what you are looking for, you will love having a chance to sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine as you watch the sun slowly dip behind the horizon, painting the sky the colors of an autumn leaf. Not only this, but you’ll find that their menu is a mix of classic dishes that everyone loves, and unique elegant dishes that truly test the chef’s technique. You’ll find your classics like filet mignon or shrimp and grits, but you’ll find such dishes as Lobster Pappardelle and even a soft-shell sandwich (made with softshell crab). Next to these, you’ll find things that seem to exist in between such as rockfish, mahi mahi tacos, short rib sandwiches, or creole rigatoni.


Finally, we come to the last on our list of the best fancy restaurants in Annapolis, MD. Our journey will end in the world of true fine dining with Flamant. Here you will find not only a cellar stocked full of a staggering variety of wines, beers, and spirits, but also a range of different entrées for you to enjoy. You’ll find some unique fare like melon curry or cabbage steak; however, you’ll also see classics like roasted flatbreads, rack of lamb, filet mignon, and various lobster and crab dishes. You’ll also find a couple unique items that one typically doesn’t see very often such as a mouthwatering ragout made from tender and delicious rabbit. Further, if you find yourself a fan of brunch and all the champagne, mimosas, and good food that comes with it, make sure you stop by on Saturday and Sunday when they have their brunch which is sure to have you lifting your pinky in instinctual fanciness as you sip upon orange juice and nibble at eggs benedict. So, if you’re looking for a true fine dining experience while you’re in Annapolis, then make sure you check out Flamant!

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