Top 5 LOCAL Annapolis Coffee Shops

Whether you have a long day of sightseeing planned or just want to lie on the beach and relax, one truth is universal: Your day can’t truly begin until you’ve had your coffee. Coffee has truly become the lifeblood of all of us in the 21st century. It’s the key to a successful day, to feeling awake and refreshed. Sometimes it just gives us that little boost we need to get ourselves out of bed in the morning! Regardless of why you may need it, one thing’s for sure: You need a good ol’ fashioned cup of joe to get you going. Luckily for you, Annapolis has a number of incredible local Annapolis coffee shops that are here to help you out! The next time you stay in Annapolis, here are some of the best local spots we recommend you check out for a great cup of coffee:

Ceremony Coffee Roasters

First established back in 2002, the founders of Ceremony Coffee Roasters had one core belief: While coffee may be important, people are more important. In the past 16 years they have taken this belief and used it to create a number of local Annapolis coffee shops that focus on sourcing only the finest beans, all while creating a customer service experience that is truly second to none. If you stop in at either of their Annapolis locations, you’ll be certain to be amazed not only by the amazing cup of joe they provide, but the warm smile and incredible service that comes with it.

The Red Bean

Instantly recognizable in downtown Annapolis from its red exterior, The Red Bean prides itself in being the best and boldest ice cream and coffeehouse in town! The Red Bean ensures their quality by partnering with only local suppliers, and this ensures that your coffee will be made with nothing but the freshest beans possible. Also, if you’re in the mood for ice cream, they also make every single one of their syrups and sauces in house daily! Fresh is the name of the game at The Red Bean, and you’ll be able to taste the different their commitment makes from your first sip or spoonful.

Bakers & Co.

Looking to pair a delicious coffee with some of the freshest and most delicious breads and handmade pastries for breakfast? Look no further than Bakers & Co.! Bakers and Co. prides themselves in offering the best pastries and coffee you’ll find anywhere in Annapolis, and their menu includes croissants, muffins, scones, and much more! If you need a pick me up that gets your day going with a breakfast that’ll stick to your ribs, make sure to check out Bakers & Co.

City Dock Coffee

If there’s one thing that truly makes City Dock Coffee stand out from all of the other shops on this list, it has to be the wide variety of options they have available! While other shops may only focus on small handful of drinks, City Dock Coffee Annapolis is the place where you can find something for every taste. In addition to their wide selection of coffees and espressos, they also have a number of great options to help cool you down in the summertime, such as their Iced Jamaican Tea!

Brown Mustache Coffee Annapolis

In today’s culinary world, we’re all looking for two things in our food: freshness and deliciousness. At Brown Mustache Coffee Annapolis, they arguably do both better than anyone else in Annapolis! All of their products, both coffee and food, are locally sourced (and they even tell you from exactly where!) to provide an incredible level of freshness and flavor to their customers. In addition to delicious coffee, they also are ready to provide you with whatever else you may need to get going, including donuts, granola, and more!
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