Top 5 Brunch Restaurants in Annapolis, MD

There are times when it can be hard to make a choice, such as when deciding between two candy bars, two cars, or any of the other infinite possibilities that could exist. However, when it comes to choosing between meals you can often get away with having a bit of both. Therein lies the beauty of brunch; you can enjoy the sweet items that typically join breakfast foods such as pancakes or French toast, while also still having the option to have the savor flavors of lunch fare. Well, if you are one of the many who love this special meal for these and other reasons, then make sure you read list of the top 5 restaurants for brunch in Annapolis, MD!

Double T Diner

Starting our list off is a place perfect for those of you looking for the perfect old school eatery from the days of yesteryear. This 50s style diner offers a wide range of home-cooked meals that are sure to have your mouth watering as you peruse the menu. Not only do they have a surprisingly diverse menu with a wide array of options, but they also have many that are vegetarian friendly. You’ll find such breakfast staples as pancakes, waffles, corned beef, and eggs benedict. However, you’ll also find such other meals as crab cakes, pastas, and various Greek specialties! You will find that just about whatever it you crave you’ll be able to find it here at Double T Diner.


Next on our list is a place that truly focuses on the quality of food. At Evelyn’s you won’t find anything coming from an old and dusty can or taken out of a freezer for the first time in an uncomfortably long while. Instead, each meal you enjoy will be made using only the finest and freshest of ingredients, all sourced from local farmers. You’ll find a variety of different breakfast fair, as well as that of lunch. You will such classics as biscuits and gravy, buttery pancakes, French toast, Belgian waffles and more. You’ll even find omelets with a wide variety of ingredients, even ranging to crab! This isn’t the only interesting creation, however, as you’ll also find a Chicken and Goat Cheese Panini as well as Sweet Potato Biscuits and Gravy. While you dig into your delicious meal, make sure to grab a cup of expertly prepared coffee. So, if you’re looking for a good old-fashioned breakfast with expertly prepared food, head on down to Evelyn’s!


At Soul, you’ll get to enjoy not only a delicious breakfast, lunch, or brunch, but you will be able to dine on the intoxicating flavors of classic Southern food. You’ll find such classics as gumbo, shrimp and grits, red beans and rice, and fried green tomatoes. Each small plate is expertly and artfully crafted to the point it almost seems a crime to eat it. Further, enjoy the fresh air and breeze as you dine in their garden patio, which also makes for a lovely and intimate brunch if you find yourself here with a significant other. Further, even if you find yourself running late and can’t make it for lunch, fear not, for they offer their full menu all day long, ensuring you’ll always be able to try the classic flavors of Southern Cuisine at Soul.

Bread and Butter Kitchen

As we continue on our list, we get arrive at the Bread and Butter Kitchen, who not only use the freshest of ingredients from local farmers and vendors, but every item you dine on with them is made from scratch, ensuring that one can taste the labor of love in each bite. Further, if you find yourself traveling with a diverse crowd, they make for an excellent stop as they are vegetarian and gluten friendly and more than happy to have you bring your little ones along. On the menu you will find all your favorites cooked to perfection, including a wide variety of omelets, biscuits and gravy, pancakes, Philly cheese steak, and even gyros! If you find yourself headed out on a boat trip during your stay, make sure you keep them in mind, as they are more than happy to prepare prepackaged meals and platters for the occasion. If you are looking for a wide range of fairs cooked with care and attention, make sure you try out the Bread and Butter Kitchen

Light House Bistro

Not only is our number one spot a great place to grab a bite to eat and enjoy a brunch surrounded by family and friends, bit it was also created for a good cause by the Light House Homeless Prevention Society. Many chefs who have recently graduated culinary school are brought in so they can get those all-important on the job skills that will allow them to continue in their chosen career path. The restaurant itself provides a range of different brunch favorites, which it serves all day no matter the time! You’ll find meatloaf hash and two eggs, blueberry pancakes, French toast, and egg sandwiches. However, you’ll have find some unique options liked a grilled turkey burger or avocado on toast. If your sweet tooth starts to call, dig into a delicious helping of chocolate mousse cake or fluffy and buttery vanilla pancakes! Finally, you’ll also find your classic favorites like Chicken and Waffles or an old-fashioned Egg Sandwich. So, if you are looking to have some good food, and do so for a good cause, then make sure you stop by the Light House Bistro today!

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