Top 5 Annapolis Historical Sites

Annapolis, Maryland is a town that is packed to the brim with history, both military and general American history. If you’re a history lover, there is absolutely no doubt that you will love your trip to Annapolis. Here are the top five Annapolis Historical sites we think every history lover needs to visit before they leave Annapolis:

U.S. Naval Academy

We’d certainly be remiss if we talked about spots for history lovers in Annapolis and didn’t at least mention the United States Naval Academy. First established in 1845, the U.S. Naval Academy is one of the United States’ five service academies responsible for the education of officers to be commissioned into the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps. The campus itself is stacked to the brim with history about the United States Navy, the Marine Corps, military history, and so much more! As you can imagine, they don’t just let anyone on the campus, so we would highly recommend contacting the Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center prior to your trip to schedule a guided tour.

Annapolis Historical Sites: Maryland State House

Arguably one of the most iconic buildings standing in Annapolis, the Maryland State House is the oldest U.S. state capitol in continuous legislative use and is the perfect place to visit for American history lovers! For example, did you know that the large dome at the very top is capped by a lightning rod that was constructed and grounded according to the specifications of Ben Franklin himself? With Maryland being one of the original 13 colonies and the Maryland State House being the oldest state capitol in continuous use, and is a huge part of the history of Annapolis; there is bound to be an endless amount of information and stories to be found!

Hammond-Harwood House

In what truly appears to be a home plucked out of the 18th century and brought to us here in 2018, the Hammond-Harwood House is one of the premier colonial houses still standing in America that was built during the British colonial period. While initially owned by Matthias Hammond in 1774, the home has stood the test of time and has since been turned into a museum that preserves both the architecturally significant home as well as its collection of fine and decorative arts. This is the perfect home for those history buffs of the colonial period of American history, as the home is filled to the brim with character!

Banneker-Douglass Museum

The Banneker-Douglass Museum stands as the official museum of African American heritage in the state of Maryland, covering a number of historical topics, including Frederick Douglass’ speeches against racism and slavery, an authentic reward poster for Harriet Tubman’s capture, and so much more. The museum also focuses on how African Americans were able to rise above their oppression and make lasting changes that affect America as a whole to this day! This museum is perfect for history lovers of African American history, the history of Annapolis, and American history as a whole.

Maryland WW2 Memorial

It’s only appropriate to end a discussion about Annapolis historical sites with the Maryland WWII Memorial, a dramatic piece of history and craftsmanship that overlooks the Severn River, the town of Annapolis itself, and the U.S. Naval Academy. The site itself is made up of 48 stone columns to represent the 48 states at the time, and black panels display the names of over 6,000 Maryland residents who gave their lives in WW2. This site is great for history lovers because it helps teach about the severity of World War II, and Maryland and Annapolis’ ties to the deadliest conflict in mankind’s history.
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