Top 5 Activities The Kids Will Love in Annapolis

Not every vacation offers equal excitement for all members of your party, but if you plan ahead, you can make your getaway one everyone will enjoy—especially when you choose Annapolis as your vacation destination! And because traveling with young children can be a bit trying if they aren’t having fun, this guide to five activities for kids in Annapolis that your children will love will help smooth out the bumps in your annual escape. Staying in one of our At Home Annapolis vacation hideaways isn’t really an activity, but we’ll consider it a bonus tip. Trust us, kids love our homes!

Shiver Me Timbers!

Even the tallest “children” (yes, we do mean your husbands!) in your family will have a blast with Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake! Located at 311 3rd Street, this adventure involves pirate battles, hunting for treasure, and learning the lingo making this one of the best things to do in Maryland. We promise no one will have to walk the plank!

Museums Can Be Fun

Generally, you say the word museum and the younger generation visibly and audibly will show their displeasure, but the Chesapeake Children’s Museum at 25 Silopanna Road will change their minds! Offering interactive activities guaranteed to grab your child’s interest and exhibits that include reptile displays and areas to play, parents will be happy to see how much fun their children are having while actually learning!

Hail a Cab

Your child may have experienced a cab ride before, but not like the ones found in Annapolis. Our water taxis offer a way to get from Point A to Point B and a beautiful way to see the beauty of the Bay! Departing from the Annapolis Visitors Center at 26 West Street, your child can continue to act out his newly loved pirate persona while you get to the stores in Eastport you’ve been dying to visit!

Sitting on the City Dock of the Bay

City Dock is the heart of Annapolis and this is where your child is guaranteed to have a blast. Trying shaved ice that turns their tongue interesting hues, watching the boats come in and out of the harbor, and feeding the ducks are just a few of the fun activities they can take part in—and yes, you’ll enjoy it too making this one of the top activities for kids in Annapolis! 

Stay Home and Play

While there are still many things you can do with your children during your time in Annapolis, the most memorable moments may be the ones you enjoy in the comfort of your At Home Annapolis vacation escape. Unplug and concentrate on the fun you can have with board games that are supplied in many of our homes or tell ghost stories around the fire pit in others. Bake cookies together in our fully equipped kitchens or sit out on the balcony in one of our bayfront properties and watch the sunset as you talk about dreams and plans for the future with your teens.

Every Day Offers a New Adventure

However you spend your days in our historic town, coming home to the comfort and luxury of an At Home Annapolis property promises to be the best part of your day. Reserve yours today!

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