Enjoy fudge and more on your list of rainy day activities in Annapolis

Rainy Day Activities in Annapolis

When you first arrive in Annapolis you may be awed by the all the green that is a big part of the natural landscape. From the trees to the meadows, our town offers a lush landscape of beauty, into which a little (or a lot) of rain must fall. If the rain falls during your once in a lifetime Maryland vacation, do not worry that your trip will be ruined; instead, discover all these rainy day activities in Annapolis that you might have missed out on if the weather had stayed dry and clear! This guide will introduce you to the inside wonders that make Annapolis a town you will never want to leave.

Savor the Past With These Activities in Annapolis

Our city on the bay played a huge part in the development of our young nation, and as you might expect, a lot of that history can be studied today as you visit the museums that honor the past! From the Annapolis Maritime Museum that studies the lives of the seafaring people who built our town to the structures that were once homes to the bravest of all men, the signers of the Declaration of Independence, including the William Paca House and Garden, the rain can soak the streets and raise the levels of the Severn River, but you will stay warm and dry, losing yourself in history!

Renew Your Love Affair with Shopping

The pandemic put a damper on our shopping habits, but a little rain will never dampen your enthusiasm over a great shopping trip, and the boutiques, shops, and stores of Annapolis hold all the merchandise you never knew you needed! Celebrate Christmas year-round with a visit to A Christmas to Remember (172 Main Street), pick yourself up a little rainy day surprise at AL Goodies General Store (112 Main Street), or treat your sweet tooth with a something sugary from Uncle Bob’s Fudge Shop and keep your disposition sweet no matter how hard the rain falls!

Savor the Moments

During most of your vacation, chances are you have been rushing from place to place, trying to see and do it all in a short amount of time. The rain can act as a message from Mother Nature, telling you to slow down and savor the moments spent with family. A rainy day is the perfect time to stay “home” and enjoy the comfort and luxury amenities found in our At Home Annapolis sanctuaries—reserve yours today!