Many property management companies in Maryland offer to fill your vacancies, but that’s where their service stops. They don’t make the effort to make sure the right guests are booking your home or go the extra mile to create a lasting relationship with those guests and turn them into repeat customers. At Home Annapolis works hard to make sure even the smallest details are looked after—whether that’s screening potential guests, looking after their every need during their stay, or keeping your home in pristine condition after each checkout. Annapolis vacation homes are welcoming to all!

On the “nuts and bolts” side of property management in MD, we offer complete control of your property through our Homeowner App, allowing you to schedule open and blocked dates whenever you see fit, as well as access up-to-date reports outlining booking statistics and revenue generation. We also provide a full suite of marketing services to get your property in front of the right demographics, including advanced SEO techniques, social media presence, email marketing, and more.

Of course, At Home Annapolis aims to be more than just a property management company; we try to cultivate a welcoming environment that guests and owners alike can be proud to join to enjoy the sights in Annapolis MD. Being in Annapolis, a large portion of our “family” feel comes from the US Naval Academy, and we are proud to support Academy attendees, alumni, and their families.


We have all heard the phrase, “It’s all who you know.” And we try to know the right people! We provide a comprehensive online presence for owners, utilizing social media, eBlasts, and international booking platforms to market your property across the globe. But we also utilize an often-ignored strategy: getting out there in person! At Home Annapolis is present for all USNA events: the tearful goodbyes of parents dropping off their Plebes, cheerful reunions at Plebe Parent Weekend, through each step until Commissioning is accomplished. We stay involved in USNA Parents Groups and Alumni Events, building relationships with local event planners and caterers along the way. Simply put, we are present, in person, for everything!


Running a successful rental home is time consuming, but we do the hard work for you, and we love it! We make ownership easy through our Owner App; control your property with the push of a button! We can handle all aspects of the rental process from booking to checkout and cleanup to be sure every detail is perfect—and compliant with federal, state, and local laws.


At Home Annapolis is here to provide a personal touch, not just numbers. We spend the time to get to know both you, the homeowner, and any guests who may rent your home. We’re always available to talk, whether through email, text, or even phone calls and face-to-face meetings.

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