Check out the sailboat festival and more on your next Annapolis vacation

Plan A Spring Road Trip To Annapolis, Maryland

Our life journeys don’t always take us in the directions we originally thought they might but our vacation journeys are destined to be exactly what we dreamed they could be, especially when your wanderings lead you to the doorstep of our favorite place on earth, Annapolis, Maryland for a stay in one of our At Home Annapolis escapes. And when spring entices you to take a road trip, loading up the car, minivan, or SUV, and hitting the streets for an adventure you will never forget, well this is one time where the destination is as important as the journey as you discover that all roads lead to our historic city on the bay for an Annapolis vacation!

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Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show, April 29 through May 1st, Annapolis City Dock

Your family vehicle brings a freedom you always enjoy but its wonders pale in comparison to the elegant beauty of a sailboat skimming across the bay and the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show presents a different kind of freedom. Offering a VIP experience that will exceed your expectations, you will be escorted into the VIP Lounge to rest your tired feet after exploring all the boats you wish could be your own, savor delicious foods, and sip freely at the complimentary wine, beer, and spirit tastings. But of course, the elegant vessels that bob in the waters, seemingly impatient to be set free will be your main objective and who knows? Maybe your family vehicle will return to the roads with the sailboat of your dreams hitched behind!

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A Tour of the Town On Your Annapolis Vacation

As the days grow longer and the temperatures begin to rise, the promise of spring creates a shy beauty that reflects the wonders of Annapolis and the best way to enjoy its charms is on foot, especially the historic district. Walk the cobbled streets with camera in hand and marvel at the colorful homes that have stood their ground for hundreds of years. St. Anne’s Church, one of the original churches in the region, the William Paca House, home to one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and the historic Maryland State House which for a brief time served as our nation’s capital; all offer a glimpse into not just the history of our town, but the history of our nation!

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Explore the Wonders of your At Home Annapolis Spring Sanctuary

Our homes are designed to comfort and make you feel at home and many of our amenities can include entertainment options that make you want to stay and play, including pools and hot tubs on the outside and game rooms on the inside! Reserve your favorite sanctuary today!