Our List Of The Best Annapolis Jewelers

Between its incredible beauty and vibrant community, there are so many reasons to visit Annapolis, Maryland. As a result of this wonderful community, you can expect to find so many unique establishments speckling these charming streets. Regardless of your interests, you will find something that will pique your curiosity. Those with a flair for shopping and luxurious items will find joy with some of the Annapolis jewelers found throughout town. The following are some of the local favorite jewelry shops in Annapolis.

Ron George Jewelers

You can find everything from loose stones to incredible rings here. But this is the go-to place to get a unique piece that reflects the lifestyle in Annapolis. They have an entire nautical collection that features beautiful items like silver seashell bracelets, crab-shaped sapphire earrings, gold anchor pendants, and so much more. This is certainly one of the most unique Annapolis jewelers, and you can find it at 205 Main Street.

Zachary’s Jewelers

This unique shop has been providing this community with the finest jewelry since opening in 1992 and has become a fixture of the community. A visit here becomes about much more than perusing a selection of jewelry. OF course, you can find amazing engagement and wedding rings, but much of their selection is fashion jewelry. You will have an amazing time trying on endless earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and so much more. Find a day of fun jewelry shopping here at Zachary’s Jewelers.

Blanca Flor Silver Jewelry

This is an amazing place to go if you are just trying to find a day of fun looking through an amazing selection or if you are looking to buy something special. Since their focus is completely on silver, you will find the most classic, innovative, and beautiful uses of the material here. You can find some amazing silver bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and much more. You can be sure that you will stand out from the crowd with any number of these pieces, because there is sure to be no one else wearing them.

Book a Stay to See These Annapolis Jewelers

Treasure and beauty isn’t found only at Annapolis jewelers, as there are so many beautiful pieces of real estate throughout town, many of which are available to rent for your vacation. The first place to go when you are looking for the perfect place to stay is At Home Annapolis. We offer homes featuring the charming design and architecture of the south filled with luxurious amenities. In any one of these homes, you will find a cozy place to call home along with a high-end rental that will leave you pampered. Find the perfect one for you today!

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