Our Guide to Halloween in Annapolis

Halloween, in our minds, signifies the start of the holiday season, but in a casual and fun way that causes no stress! Whether we’re wearing an orange t-shirt that states, “This is my Halloween costume,” eating all the candy we want, and decorating our houses to deliberately scare people, it is no wonder that this holiday is a favorite of so many! If you are planning an escape to enjoy Halloween in Annapolis, this guide to Halloween will ensure you continue to have fun no matter how far from home you may be.

It All Starts with the Pumpkin

Candy and costumes are important to the Halloween tradition, but pumpkins are a necessity, and even while traveling, your kids will not want to miss out on carving one. Any of the local grocery stores will be offering the giant orange gourds for sale, of course, but if you want to do a good deed, hang out in the cool fall air, and feel festive, St. Martin’s Lutheran Church at 1120 Spa Road sponsors a pumpkin patch every October. The proceeds go towards their very worthy Lighthouse shelter for the homeless, and the fun of picking the perfect pumpkin will make memories your children will never forget!

Costumes to Fall in Love With

No Halloween is complete without a spooktacular costume, even if you’re only planning on staying home and watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! The Halloween Spirit store, located at 167 Jennifer Road, is another family tradition in our homes, offering a wide selection of scary, funny, and sexy costumes to enjoy. Of course, if you want to go rogue this Halloween and make up your own costume, you can always turn to television for some ideas!

Frightening Fun During Halloween in Annapolis

Although your Tiger King costume is scary on its own, there’s just something spine-tingling about a real ghost walk, and although many Halloween events have been canceled this year, the Annapolis Ghost Tour promises to keep your spirits up! The Walking Ghost Tour of Annapolis is held on Wednesdays and Friday through Sundays, and because Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, this tour offers the perfect way to celebrate. Buy your tickets online before they sell out and spend a couple of hours under dark skies seeking visitors from the spirit world!

No Cobwebs in Sight

When the night’s festivities of Halloween in Annapolis are over, our At Home Annapolis properties will invite you in for nights filled with comfort and peace. Reserve yours today and we promise the paint on the walls isn’t peeling and there won’t be a cobweb in sight! Contact us to start planning your getaway!

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