Things to do Near Annapolis for a Socially Distanced Journey

The ways of the world are changing as we enter yet another month of pandemic rules, wearing face masks, practicing self-quarantine, and learning the rules of social distancing. In the midst of all these changes, we are also discovering how adaptable we really are. We choose colorful and quirky masks to reflect our personalities. We take the time at home to organize closets and learn new skills. And when we travel, we still manage to see what we want to see while maintaining social distance! This guide to your socially distanced journey to Annapolis is just one of the ways we provide support to our At Home Annapolis treasured guests, ensuring that even in the time of a pandemic, your getaway will be one you never forget with plenty of fun things to do near Annapolis!

Choose the Off Hours

Chances are you will still want to partake in the many popular tourist activities that are still open, so take the last walking tour on a Monday afternoon through the US Naval Academy once it opens its doors again. When visiting the Hammond-Harwood House Museum, located at 19 Maryland Avenue, take the tour that starts at noon on weekdays; most potential visitors will be eating lunch at this time. And if you need to purchase groceries or other essentials, many stores are reserving the early hours for senior citizen shoppers, so stay up late one weeknight (Our Safeway stores are open until midnight) and limit your contact to the public. Safeway also offers delivery services and curbside pickup, just as your own local stores back home are doing.

Exploring the Natural Landscape and Things to Near Annapolis

The beauty of our landscape is undeniable, and it also offers many things to do near Annapolis. Hike along the Poet’s Nature Trail off Bullard Boulevard in the Greenbury Point Conservation Area, keeping an eye out for the different wildlife who make their homes in this idyllic spot. Rent a boat and head out towards the center of Chesapeake Bay and revel in the quiet beauty of the waters. This is one area where it won’t matter if other people are within sight; your vessel will serve as a bubble, separating you from the rest of the world.

Take Some Steps Back in Time

 The pandemic has made us wish that things were different. We miss the days when we could travel without restrictions, hug freely, and explore without fear. As we move deeper and deeper into the year of COVID-19, however, there are more things we are free to do, including exploring the past! Colonial Tours offers the opportunity to walk in the steps of our forefathers with their tours through time, taking you to the spots in town that offer the most historical significance. Did you know that George Washington resigned his commission right here in Annapolis? The Maryland State House, located at 100 State Circle, was where he gave his famous resignation speech, and the tour Colonial Tours take you to where it all happened, as well as visiting some homes where signers of the Declaration of Independence lived and on a walk through our colorful historic district as well. Dressed in colonial garb, the guides ensure that social distancing rules are closely followed as they make the past come alive with words and examples.

If there are still too many people to make you feel safe, you can explore all the same places on your own! Walk the cobbled streets of the historic district, realizing our first President had probably walked on these same stones, check out the museum tours of the homes of William Paca and Samuel Chase, and although live tours of the Maryland State House are temporarily closed due to the pandemic, you can take a virtual tour online (our At Home Annapolis retreats offer wireless internet) and see where the important stuff happened back when Annapolis was the temporary capital of our budding nation.

Sunday Drives with the Family

When we were kids, the Sunday drives to nowhere seemed like torture, but we have come to appreciate their charms as adults and they offer the perfect opportunity to explore the area while keeping your social distance! The National Road, part of US 40 and one of the oldest in the nation takes you along the same path as a former military road back in Washington’s time, offering scenic views that in many instances have not changed much over the centuries. Follow segments of the Star-Spangled Banner Tour that follows in the path of war battles from 1812, so named as these sites were once what inspired the song itself! This trail lasts for 560 miles, so if you want to see it all, understand it will take more than a day to do it justice!

Social Distancing Can Be Luxurious

There’s no better way to separate from humanity than by spending some extra time at home. Your At Home Annapolis vacation escape is designed to be an integral part of your getaway and the luxury and comfort found in our properties will pamper and spoil. Sleep late on cool and soft sheets covering cozy mattresses. Sip wine at sunset on the back deck, offering a toast to the glory of Mother Nature as the sun sinks below the horizon in a fiery ball of beauty. And on the coolest of nights, gather around a roaring fire, playing board games with the ones to which you always want to be close. Your social distanced journey to Annapolis will be all you dreamed it would be when you choose At Home Annapolis. Reserve your vacation rental with us today and enjoy the many things to do around Annapolis waiting for you!

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