Spring Journey to Annapolis

Spring is the season of promise: the promise that warmer weather is soon to arrive; the promise that the green buds pushing through the frozen ground will grow into vibrantly colorful flowers; and the promise that your spring journey to Annapolis will be filled with adventures and magical moments. Annapolis isn’t the place to go to if you’re looking for out of control parties on a beach and screaming college students reveling in their newly found freedom. This spring vacation is one that you will never want to forget, one of peace, quiet, happiness, and various places to visit in Annapolis MD.

Day 1: Stop and Smell the Flowers

After traveling all day, the sight of the front door of your At Home Annapolis vacation love nest is going to be the sweetest sight of all, and as the door swings open to reveal even more wonders, your day will get even better. This first night of your journey is reserved for unpacking and getting to know your temporary living quarters. A stop at Graul’s Market on the way into town ensures you are stocked up on sandwich fixings, beer, and wine; now open those windows to let the fresh air in and start exploring! Click here and check out our famous Quiet Waters Park.

Day 2: Sailing is Really Big in Annapolis

If you weren’t able to make it to Annapolis in the fall for the United States Sailboat Show, never fear, as the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show held April 20-22 will make up for it! Sailing on Chesapeake Bay is an experience that will change your life, and the sailboats that make their way to our waterside village just might make you reconsider the choices that led you to the sailboat-free life you live now. It’s one of the most beautiful Annapolis sights to see.

Day 3: Wine a Little

Experts have discovered that drinking a glass of wine every day helps eliminate heart issues and lets you live longer, so why not extend your life with a visit to Great Frogs? This winery is located at 3218 Harness Creek Road and offers tastings, special events, and live entertainment, helping you enjoy your extended life even more. Originally a tobacco farm, today the French wines served to bring a smile to the taste buds of all who visit.

Day 4: Add Some Soul to Your Life

We used to think there were two kinds of people in the world—those who could eat breakfast at any time of the day, and those who love dinner for breakfast—but then we discovered brunch at Soul, and we’ve decided that everyone should be a brunchie! Located at 509 South Cherry Grove and offering a Southern-style helping of delicious goodness, the fourth day of your spring journey will be the tastiest one!

Day 5: Discover the Irish in You

There are a couple of times in the year that we are all Irish, at least for a day, and when your spring journey to Annapolis brings you here the early part of June, it will be your turn to discover your own inner leprechaun! The Irish Festival, held June 1st and 2nd at the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds, celebrates everything Irish, offering everything from homemade Irish stew to Irish music to Little Leprechaun Land, where your children can enjoy pony rides and face painting.

Day 6: Time for an Epic Road Trip- Annapolis Sights To See

On the last night of your journey, it’s time to venture outside the boundaries of Annapolis, explore one of the most popular places to visit in Annapolis MD, and experience a true blast from the past with a Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament! Located at 7000 Arundel Mills Circle in nearby Hanover, a tale as old as time is told as you enjoy a feast that is bountiful and delicious! This show truly engages, with jousters jousting for the hand of their true loves, falcons performing, and swordfights that are exciting and powerful!

Day 7: Hope to See You Again Soon

Yes, the day you have been dreading arrived far sooner than you had hoped, but we hope you’ve had a great spring journey in one of our cozy abodes! Enjoy a final cuppa on the back patio, taking in the quiet and peace of the countryside that surrounds you as you contemplate the adventures of the past seven days and be thankful you chose us for your vacation escape. This journey may have ended, but your memories will last forever. Reserve your stay with us today! Click here and browse through our wonderful vacation rentals.

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