Planning a Trip to Annapolis on a Budget

Vacations are a much-needed break from the hassles and stresses of real life, but the same activity that re-centers us and calms us can also lead to more stress, as the cost of vacationing can reach astronomical heights and blow our budgets to smithereens! Your Annapolis escape does not need to be that way, however, and our guide to planning a trip here on a budget to Annapolis will help ensure that you leave our fair city feeling calm, tranquil, and very happy about the status of your bank account!

Budget Annapolis – Historic Annapolis

There are many activities you can enjoy that don’t cost a thing during your stay in Annapolis and exploring the history of our town is top on the list! These are perfect for a vacation on a tight budget to Annapolis. If you’re wondering what the Banneker-Douglass Museum, St. Anne’s Church, and the Maryland State House have in common, you need wonder no more: All three of these historic buildings offer free tours! That should fit into your budget quite nicely, don’t you think?

Dining on a Budget

The second most expensive part of most vacations is the food; eating out three meals a day can put a drain on the most generous bank accounts, and if you’re on a budget, you may find that even fast food can add up in price. The first bit of relief will be knowing that your At Home Annapolis vacation escape has a fully-equipped kitchen so you can make many of your meals with a simple stop at any of the local grocery stores. Giant Food at 948 Bay Ridge Road is a favorite of budget-conscious shoppers in the neighborhood! And while you will still want to eat out (because who wants to do chores on vacation?), not every meal has to be a sit-down gourmet experience; places like Pip’s Dock Street Dogs, Grump’s Café, and Noodle’s & Company all offer delicious meals at a budget price!

A Night on the Town, on the Cheap!

A night on the town can cut into your budget in a big way, but if you limit your drinks and visit clubs without admittance fees, you’ll find you can still have fun without breaking the bank! Also, if you feel like visiting the top music club with under 500 seats in the nation, Rams Head on Stage offers great entertainment all week long; hit a Wednesday show and purchase tickets for only $25. On a weekend with a mainstream performer, the prices can skyrocket up to $95 per ticket! This is very useful information if you’re on a vacation with a tight budget to Annapolis.

Pick a Night and Stay In

Fix grilled cheese sandwiches, pour yourself a beer, and take a night to enjoy the wonders of our At Home Annapolis Maryland escapes! Binge watch your favorite series, put together a puzzle, or simply talk about the fun you’ve had on this unforgettable adventure! Oh, and before we forget, choosing At Home Annapolis will save you more, especially when you visit during the off season! Book with us today! Click here to learn more about us!

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