Nature and Wildlife Annapolis Things To Do

A trip to Annapolis can be a different experience for every person who visits here, depending on their particular likes and dislikes. We’re so much more than many other vacation destinations, allowing our visitors to coordinate a trip that does more than check off an item on a bucket list! Offering everything from sophisticated city entertainment that comes complete with fine dining, museum days, and nights at the theater to journeys that explore the nature and wildlife that are an integral part of what makes Annapolis so unique, our favorite place on earth is the perfect destination for an almost endless number of reasons! And because we recognize the nature lover in you, today we are going to help you plan your nature and wildlife journey to Annapolis. Read about the Annapolis MD things to do below:

Day 1: Sunset Sail

We’re famous for being home to the US Naval Academy and for the beauty of Chesapeake Bay; why not start your nature trip out right with a sunset cruise from Schooner Woodwind Annapolis Sailing Cruises? Feel the wind in your face as you watch the sun set over the bay and know that all is right with your world. (This activity closes for the winter season and begins again in April, so plan accordingly.)

Day 2: For the Birds

The Ellen O. Moyer Nature Park at Back Creek, located at 7300 Edgewood Road, offers the perfect opportunity to get a little birdwatching in during your Annapolis vacation. Due to its central location near the harbor, it’s a haven for a large variety of bird species. Don’t forget your binoculars!

Day 3: Take a Hike

The serene beauty of our natural landscape makes Quiet Waters Park a prime spot for nature lovers, and the six-plus miles of paved trails make the journey an easy one. The gazebo standing in the center of this enchanting piece of land is ideal for photo ops; your Christmas card picture will shine when taken right here!

Day 4: Conserve and Protect

A visit to the Greenbury Point Conservation Area will teach you the importance of conserving our natural resources. This extraordinary grassland habitat is the largest of its type and is another well-known site for bird watching. The sheer beauty of the this protected site will bring tears to your eyes as you sit quietly watching the wildlife who can feel safe making their appearance known to strangers!

Day 5: Eco Tours Educate as They Entertain

The Severn River Eco Tour is a 40-minute cruise along one of the most beautiful rivers in the US, and the narration that is a part of the tour teaches you about the natural side of Annapolis as you learn what more can be done to protect the wildlife that make their homes in the waters and on land.

Day 6: Take Time for the Smaller Miracles

As Annapolis continues to grow and evolve, our residents have begun to recognize the importance of greenspaces in our preservation efforts and have created many mini parks throughout town. Newman Street Park is the perfect spot to sit, relax, and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet during your stay. Annapolis MD things to do provide something for everyone!

Annapolis MD Things To Do

Sometimes all you need to do to experience your own nature and wildlife journey is take a walk outside the walls of your luxurious At Home Annapolis vacation escape; offering riverfront homes, country estates, and lakeside residences, your journey won’t be complete without us. Reserve yours today!

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