Luxury Journey to Annapolis

You’ve worked hard to get to the status you’ve reached in life and sometimes you just want to splurge on the finer things by taking a vacation to someplace exotic and new—a place like Annapolis, where you can indulge yourself with shopping sprees, fine cuisine, and luxurious activities that are both exciting and memorable. We’ve created this guide to your luxury journey to ensure you don’t miss out on a single posh moment.

Annapolis Vacation – Day 1: Travel Can Be So Tiring

Even with the wherewithal to travel by luxury means, your day of travel will take a lot out of you! Fortunately, your first step in this luxury journey was the most crucial one—your rental of one of our At Home Annapolis waterfront properties. Costing a little more but offering all the luxury amenities you’ve come to expect in life—including million-dollar views—your first evening in Annapolis will be all you expected it would be!

Day 2: Strut Your Stuff Along Ego Alley

Life in Annapolis revolves around the Chesapeake Bay and occasionally Ego Alley. If you’ve traveled this far for a visit, there’s a very real chance you own your own well-appointed sailboat or yacht or are planning on buying one during this trip. Either way, a cruise through Ego Alley is the perfect way to show off the beauty of your own vessel, or, if you’re still looking, to get an idea as to what you might like or dislike when it comes time to buy your own!

Day 3: Retail Therapy

Speaking of buying your own, a visit during the last weekend in April is the prime time to take part in a little retail therapy. The Annapolis Sailboat Show is in town the 26th through the 28th during which time you can get a sneak peek at the latest sailboats coming out on the market! And if you prefer something with a little more glitter, Annapolis offers a large variety of jewelry stores that have just what you are looking for. Ron George Jewelers on 205 Main Street and Zachary’s Jewelers of 100 Main Street are known for creating unique handcrafted pieces; they are two of our favorites!

Day 4: See and Be Seen as You Dine on the Best Annapolis Has to Offer

The culinary scene in Annapolis can be an elegant one. When you want to dine where the stars do, the best place to do so for over 35 years is at Harry Browne’s. Offering a strong seafood menu that includes our state specialty, crab cakes, it’s also where the movers and the shakers that define our political landscape choose to dine when they are in town.

Day 5: The Art of Annapolis

Waterfront communities seem to attract talented artists in droves and Annapolis is no exception. Our art district offers a large variety of galleries containing works from all medias, with most of the artists hailing from our bayside community. Maryland Federation of Art is perhaps the best-known gallery, always seeking new talent to impress us with and offering the opportunity for our guests to become a patron of the arts. Make a donation or attend one of their many fundraising events and make a friend for life! For those who just want to appreciate fine art but may not be interested in getting involved, the Annapolis Collection Gallery is one of our favorites.

Day 6: Exploring History

We’ve set aside the last day of your journey of luxury for an exploration of the history of Annapolis. From museums to formerly private properties that were once owned by some of our country’s earliest patriots, every where you turn is a reminder of how closely our city’s history is linked to our nation. Samuel Chase and William Paca were both signers of the Declaration of Independence who made Annapolis their home city; their homes are still standing proud, strong, and available for a tour today. The Government House, built in 1870, serves as the home to Maryland’s governor and can be toured by appointment only; of course, if you happen to be friends with the governor, a personal invitation could very well be issued! Click here and check out the top 5 historical sites in Annapolis.

Day 7: Rested and Refreshed

The luxury tour of your Annapolis vacation is coming to its natural conclusion and we can only hope it was everything you wished it could be. Perhaps it’s time to start planning your next getaway to the bay? There are still many sights left to be seen! Reserve your stay with At Home Annapolis today! Learn more about us!

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