Health and Wellness Journey to Annapolis

While we tend to think of vacations as respites in our hectic worlds, when was the last time you came home from one feeling rested and recharged and ready to face real life once again? We often “joke” that we need a vacation from our vacation when maybe all we really need is to take a vacation that focuses on our needs and wellbeing. If that’s the case, let us offer Annapolis as a solution to your needs. A health and wellness journey to Annapolis to address those issues you’ve been ignoring for far too long is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Day 1: Feeling Frazzled?

Chances are you were up far too early this morning after staying up far too late preparing for this journey, so on your first night in our favorite place on earth, the doctors without degrees are suggesting you take tonight to relax, recharge, and possibly go to bed early! Unpack your belongings (there’s so much less stress when everything is put away where it belongs), throw on your comfy pajamas, and if your At Home Annapolis spa-like residence has a fireplace, build a fire and feel the tension drain from your body!

Day 2: What SUP?

Yeah, we groaned too as that was being written, but SUP (stand up paddleboard) is becoming a favorite activity amongst fitness fanatics, and Capital SUP Annapolis is the first stop on your journey! It’s one of the most popular family things to do in Annapolis MD. Located at 808 Boucher Avenue, Capital SUP has been the place for SUP fun since opening day. Just be warned: Annapolis winters are cold ones, so be sure to plan your journey for the summer or you will miss out. Capital SUP closes every winter, but when it’s open, you will appreciate the spiritual and physical benefits from the classes they offer.

Day 3: Anchors Up!

There is a peaceful Zen that can be accomplished when spending time on the water, and a sunset cruise aboard one of two 74-foot-long schooners offered by Schooner Woodwind will align your chi and clear your mind. As you skim across the surface of the Chesapeake Bay, there will be no room for negative thoughts in your brain; the brilliant colors of the sun setting over the bay will leave you with peace in your heart and a smile in your soul!

Day 4: Take a Hike

We’re going to leave the water for a minute, but don’t worry, day five’s adventures will take you right back to the shore! Today, it’s time to take a hike—literally! The Greenbury Point Conservation Area offers a beautifully-maintained trail through the natural landscape of Annapolis and along some shallow ponds (Yes, we couldn’t completely leave the water!). If you’re taking your journey in late spring, keep an eye to the sky and watch for Osprey’s nesting in tall towers along your hike. Peaceful, serene, and quiet, the beauty and tranquility will fill the empty spots in your soul! It’s one of our favorite places to visit in Annapolis. Click here and learn more about our amazing hiking trails.

Day 5: Beach Day- Explore the Best Places to Visit in Annapolis

When was the last time you spent an entire day doing nothing more strenuous than turning the pages of your latest summer read? Today, we are loading up the car and driving about 20 miles to North Beach for a day of fun in the sun! Grab a cooler, a couple of books, and your headphones, and prepare for a day of nothing! Lying on the beach, books in hand, only getting up to cool off with a swim—today is the day you’ve fantasized about for a very long time, and you’re going to enjoy every second!

Day 6: Off to the Spa

On this, your last day in Annapolis, you’re about to make sure that if there is any remaining real-life tension, it will be swept away with a visit to Even Keel Wellness Spa, another of our favorite family things to do in Annapolis MD. Sign up for a day of pampering and spoiling that includes massage, custom skin care packages, and meditation classes designed to keep you on that even keel we all strive for. And because you are doing this on the last full day of your journey, the “aftershocks” will continue long after your return home!

Day 7: Farewell, Dear Friends

We at At Home Annapolis are certainly going to miss your charming company, but if we did our jobs right, you should feel like a calm and happy wet noodle by now! Keep the good feelings rolling with a cup of coffee enjoyed on the porch watching the sunrise, and as you pack up all your things, take one last look at the comfortable and luxurious residence that has been your home for the last week. Your journey of health and wellness is complete, but we think you’ll require another escape in about a year or so, and it’s never too soon to reserve your vacation property for that next adventure. Click here and check out some of our amazing rentals in Annapolis, MD.

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