Girls’ Getaway to Annapolis 

As the seasons of our life pass, we have a tendency to forget to make time for those women who have been with us through the good times and the bad. Work schedules, kid schedules, and other daily activities don’t allow for the spare time to giggle and chat. But because we know how important these special women are to you, we think it is time to plan a girls’ getaway to Annapolis! And to help make sure you don’t miss out on a single second of fun, we’re providing this guide to the best Annapolis valley activities!

Day 1: Wine, Women, and More Wine

Most of today will be spent in travel, but once you’ve finally arrived, unpacked, and explored the luxury amenities of your At Home Annapolis vacation getaway, it’s time for a little vino (or a lot!) from our favorite place, Grapes Wine Bar of Annapolis! Famous for their silky wines and small plates and located at 1410 Forest Drive, it’s the perfect spot to kick off the perfect girls’ getaway to Annapolis!

Day 2: There’s No Place Like Home

The history of Annapolis is a long and rich one, evident everywhere you step, and today’s journey is going to bring you to some of the oldest homes in the state. Starting with the Hammond-Harwood House at 19 Maryland Avenue, your walk into our country’s past promises to be an exciting one. Knowing that this home, constructed in the Palladian architectural style, was built two years before the Declaration of Independence was signed makes this tour extra special! It’s definitely one of the best Annapolis, MD things to do!

Day 3: Bonding Experiences

Men tend to bond over sports and beer, and while women often enjoy those things as well, nothing brings a group of women closer together than a few hours spent getting mani/pedis! Choosing the colors that go best with your skin, giggling as they massage your feet, sighing as the massage chairs hit just the right spot, this is what we love, and Annapolis Nails and Spa is one of the best places in town to do it! Located at 150 Jennifer Road, this local establishment is warm, inviting, and offers enough chairs that even the largest of groups can get their nails done at the same time!

Day 4: Hungry Yet?

All these tourist activities are starting to make us hungry, so today we are going to concentrate on the food aspects of your getaway! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we will start with the Chesapeake Benedict served at Eggcellence on 2625 Housley Road; you’re in Maryland, so you HAVE to try the crab at least once. Busy women on the go will still need to take a break at lunch to refuel and rest tired feet, and Café Normandie promises to hit the right spot! Located at 185 Main Street, this French style café features amazing crepes and some really good wines and is definitely worth a repeat visit for dinner, even if its on the same day!

Day 5: How Have You Waited This Long for Your Girls’ Getaway to Annapolis

Obviously, this guide is just a suggestion, but if you are following it precisely, we’re proud that you’ve held out this long! Today is dedicated to shopping, so make sure you have your best walking shoes on; we have a lot of ground to cover! For those who prefer boutique shopping to malls, Lilac Bijoux will be your own personal nirvana, and the clothing and accessories found here will soon be in your bags! Mall walkers have many choices, with the Shops at the Village at Odenton Station being the one that will win your heart! Come and enjoy one of the best Annapolis valley activities!

Day 6: Girl’s Day IN

It’s been a while since you’ve had the opportunity to share a heart-to-heart with these women who have been a part of your life for years, so why not take your last full day in Annapolis and stay home to enjoy the comforts of your Rent AHA vacation escape? Sleep in late, enjoy a breakfast of donuts purchased earlier in the week from Sandy Pony Donuts (2444 Solomons Island Road Suite D1), and laze around in comfort and style with the sisters of your soul. Our homes are designed to be lived in, so just do it; live, laugh, and love, for it may be a long time before you are able to do something like this again.

Day 7: We’ll Miss You!

We hate to see our guests leave, but we understand you can’t avoid real life forever! We hope this girls’ getaway to Annapolis has been an experience you won’t soon forget, and if you have a family vacation coming up any time soon, just remember that our properties become homes when your family walks through the door! Reserve your stay with us today!

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