Dog Lover’s Journey to Annapolis

Our pets could probably be considered the most loyal members of our families. They love us unconditionally, even when we probably don’t deserve it! Every day we leave them home alone and every night they greet us at the door, tails wagging and bodies shaking as they express their sheer joy at seeing us again. Even worse are the times we leave them in kennels, forced to stay caged up for hours at a time as we take off for our annual vacations. But this time your journey to Annapolis is one for the dog lover. Our At Home Annapolis family-friendly rentals are pet-friendly as well, and you are bringing your faithful companion along. Here’s your guide to some of the top 10 things to do in Annapolis for fun that can be had with your precious fur baby!

Day 1: Travel Can Be Exhausting

Fido is probably tired and a little nervous after a day of travel, so we recommend staying close to home on this first evening in town. A walk around the neighborhood, allowing your good boy to get to know his surroundings and engaging in Annapolis outdoor activities, will also help you stretch out muscles that are cramped from your journey to Annapolis, ensuring everyone has a happy first night in town!

Day 2: Coffee with the Pup

We java addicts understand the importance of keeping up with our habit, even on vacation, and just because you are traveling with your sweet pup doesn’t mean you have to forgo your morning cuppa. Bark N’ Bean at 130 Hillsmere Drive is a dog grooming place that sells a mean cup of coffee. After the journey, your fur baby will probably enjoy a nice bath, and you can enjoy your caffeine at the same time!

Day 3: A Day at the Beach

No matter what time of year you visit, Chesapeake Bay offers a family-friendly adventure that will never be forgotten. It’s scenic, tranquil, and home to Bayfront Park, a pet-friendly stretch of beach that your pooch will be happy to explore—while staying on a leash, of course. Costing $13 for adults and $9 for seniors and children from Memorial Day to Labor Day, playing on this beach is free during the remainder of the year.

Day 4: Annapolis Outdoor Activities- Who Wants to Go for a Walk?

We’re pretty sure the answer from your good boy will be a hearty bark yes, and the hiking trail scene is a beautiful one in Annapolis! The Baltimore and Annapolis Trail Park at 1700 Governor Ritchie Highway offers miles of trails on what was once a railway but has since been converted to a hiking park loved by all.

Day 5: A 3 Hour Cruise!

The only thing better than seeing the Chesapeake from the shores of Annapolis is catching sight of Annapolis from aboard a Watermark cruise on the Chesapeake Bay! Offering cruises that can last 40 minutes, 3 hours, or the entire day, every cruise is pet-friendly, so leash up your loyal canine and head to the seas for a day of fun and frolic. The Chesapeake Bay cruise may be the highlight of your entire vacation!

Day 6: A Night to Remember

Many restaurants have become pet-friendly these days, but how many do you know have created a pet menu that includes Bowser Beer? This nonalcoholic treat can only be found at the Rams Head Tavern, located at 33 West Street right here in Annapolis! Also offering Mutt Meatballs and Rover Rice in addition to a full human menu, your last night on the town will be one you and Lulu the bull terrier will never forget! Click here to see even more pet-friendly activities in Annapolis.

Day 7: Time to Go Home

Sad endings make us cry, and we will hate to see you go, but today is the perfect time to explore your At Home Annapolis vacation escape and try out the top 10 things to do in Annapolis. Enjoy a coffee at sunrise on the patio or sleep in a little late in our cloud-soft beds. Fix breakfast in our fully-equipped kitchen or simply sit on the sofa and cuddle with your terrier. This trip has been one for the record books, and your sweet pup is so happy you brought him along! Reserve your pet-friendly cottage today! Click here and check out our Pet-Friendly Rentals.

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