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How to Plan a Fun and Refreshing Corporate Retreat to Annapolis

Although 2020 has not started out as well as we had hoped a new decade might, the one thing that keeps your hopes up as a business owner is seeing the dedication each and every one of your employees show each day. Every morning they show up and give 110%, whether they work from home or as the essential, drive into the office, facing obstacles they never dreamed could exist. When you’re looking to treat your loyal workers to a trip they will never forget, a fun and refreshing corporate retreat to the historic city of Annapolis is the answer!

Forget the Virus

Our Annapolis corporate rental homes aren’t just designed to spoil, they are sanitized for your safety and offer the perfect spaces to forget about the troubles of the world. The cheerful kitchens are large enough for multiple chefs to work together in harmony as classic rock plays on sound system and everyone gathers around the breakfast bar, laughing and toasting their time away! Dining areas with large tables allow every guest to share a meal together, the living rooms hold plush furnishings and state of the art televisions, and the bedrooms are havens of peace and serenity. The only thing keeping your employees awake will be late-night gab fests that are just too good to end!

The Company That Plays Together

Team building exercises can be predictable and boring, but every good employer understands that a company that plays together stands strong and becomes the success you always dreamed it could be! Our At Home Annapolis corporate retreats are designed to offer as much fun as they offer comfort, coming with game rooms and full bars, firepits and fireplaces, and for a summer escape, many of our properties come with private pools and hot tubs! Plan a pool party where you compete against others for the best cannonball, gather round the firepit telling ghost stories and work tales, or split a bottle (or two) of wine on the back deck, watching the sun sink into the bay. These special moments will encourage your employers to work even harder when it’s time to come back to real life, as they realize how much you really do appreciate all they do for you every day of the year!

The Price is Right at Our Annapolis Corporate Rentals

The pandemic has brought about horrible changes in the world today, but it’s also caused a dip in travel prices, making this the perfect time for your corporate retreat. Reserve your At Home Annapolis escape today!

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