Getting Around Annapolis

If you’re planning a vacation, transportation is always an important consideration to be made. Thankfully, between bringing or renting your own vehicle and making use of other public and private forms of transportation, there are a variety of safe options available that ensure you don’t have to walk everywhere. Annapolis is no exception to this. So, while you’re visiting Annapolis to experience its fine dining and rich maritime history, here’s how to make your way around.

Public Transportation with Annapolis Transit

The Annapolis Transit service area runs approximately 23 square miles and can get you around most of the city and some of the surrounding sections of Ann Arundel County. Primary public buses run the Rainbow Route, making 180 stops in and around the city. Public transportation services have a variety of options, including regular, fixed bus routes, shuttles, and ADA complementary paratransit services. All of their vehicles are wheelchair accessible.


If you’re planning on making multiple stops to some neighboring cities, no need to drive there if you can’t or don’t want to. Amtrak runs services to Baltimore, Thurgood Marshall Airport, New Carrollton, and more. It’s a fast way to get around, running at speeds of 150mph.

Annapolis Circulator

Provided completely for free courtesy of the Annapolis Department of Transportation, “The Loop” is a downtown shuttle service that provides quick and easy transportation between the big parking garages in the area and all of the hotspots where you can get easy access to all of the best shopping and dining in town.

Water Taxi

If you’re looking for a way to get around downtown Annapolis, the water taxi is a great method of transportation. Travel between the Eastport area and downtown Annapolis to get some stellar views while moving across the harbor.

Taxis, Lyft, and Uber

With multiple companies to choose from, all regulated by the Annapolis Department of Public Transportation, you can always make your way around the city via taxi. Taxis are always just a phone call away, and you can call for one at your earliest convenience, and sometimes schedule the ride in advance.

As with most cities, Lyft and Uber are always options as well. Be sure to keep in mind that these services are restricted by driver availability and have fluctuating rates based on time and demand.

Driving and Walking

Getting around the downtown section of Annapolis is easy to do on foot, and there’s plenty of fun to be had in the area. If you also have your own means of transportation, be it your own car or a rental, there are a few large parking garages in the city that you can leave your car, hop aboard The Loop for free, and walk your way around.

However you plan on making your way around Annapolis and the surrounding areas during your vacation, you’ll always have somewhere to safe to end your day. With At Home Annapolis, your vacation rental will always be waiting for you as that safe, final destination to finish your night.

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