Enjoy a fun trip in our family rentals in Annapolis

Family Friendly Features of Our Rentals in Annapolis

Traveling with family can be as painful as it is wonderful, especially when it comes to finding a place to rest your head every night. Do you cram together in a hotel room, sharing a single bathroom and eating every meal out, or do you discover a third solution when you visit the historic city of Annapolis and decide to stay in one of our At Home Annapolis family friendly vacation rentals? We think this guide to the family friendly features found in our rentals in Annapolis will be all the convincing you need!

At Home with At Home Annapolis

Your first glimpse of your home away from home is guaranteed to be one you won’t ever forget as you pull into the driveway of one of our charming family homes. You can almost picture your kids’ bikes laying on the lawn, your dog running around the backyard, and your husband manning the grill that is perched upon the deck in the backyard. And yes, many of our family homes are also pet friendly; we want everyone in your household to enjoy your Maryland vacation! Step inside and instantly feel welcomed as the warmth of our family homes envelopes you like a hug.

Take a peek inside the kitchen, a space where meals are made, secret recipes are revealed, and relationships between turbulent teens and parents are mended! Living areas offer plush sofas that are sturdy pieces designed for flopping, napping, and reading your children one last story before they reluctantly head off to dreamland. Don’t be surprised if you hear a few whispers and giggles from the bedroom before silence reins once more. Our rooms aren’t just places where you can retreat from the world; in your children’s eyes, they are circus tents and jungle gyms and stables to house their favorite unicorns!

The fun doesn’t end at the door, however, for when you head outside, more family friendly surprises await you, including fire pits for telling ghost stories (under careful supervision, of course!), barbecue grills for dad to take over the role of chef, and the occasional hot tub under the stars! (Mom and dad deserve a break too, especially after the younger set has finally fallen asleep!)

Every Day Is a New Adventure in Our Rentals in Annapolis

And every night is meant for happy dreams when you choose At Home Annapolis. Reserve your stay today!

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