Our Guide to Thanksgiving in Annapolis

Holidays can be stressful times, filled with too much of everything: shopping, expenses, cleaning, and cranky relatives. Even Thanksgiving, which is supposed to be about family and blessings, becomes an event to dread instead of celebrating. We suggest you get away for the holiday and take the time to remember why this special day has always been your favorite! Enjoy the crisp coolness of the fall night air, take long naps and even longer walks around the Chesapeake Bay, and follow this guide to the most relaxing Annapolis Thanksgiving!

Sleep a Little Later

Previously, Thanksgiving meant you needed to wake up at the crack of dawn and starting cleaning and prepping the turkey so it could cook all day, but this year when the sun peeks in the window you can close your eyes tighter, pull the pillow over your head, and roll over for another hour of sleep. You can wake up when you’re ready, fix a pot of coffee, and head out to the patio and relax even more—especially since you planned ahead and stopped by Sandy Pony Donuts (2444 Solomons Island Rd Suite D1) for sweet treats to tide you over until it’s feast time!

Let the Feasting & the Thanksgiving Dinner in Annapolis Begin

It’s now time for the answer to the most heard question on an Annapolis Thanksgiving: When do we eat? A little pre-planning is important, because whether you are deciding to eat at a restaurant, pick up a prepared meal from our local grocery store, or are planning to create a mini-feast yourself, there are things that need to be done first. Blackwall Hitch, with its rooftop lounge and adult atmosphere, is one of our favorite seafood restaurants that offers a special Thanksgiving Banquet, but reservations need to be made more than a month in advance by calling 410-264-3454. Pretty much all of the major grocery stores in the area feature premade turkey dinners with all the fixings, including Safeway, Whole Foods, and The Fresh Market, but of course you will need to put in your order a week or two in advance. And finally, if you are planning on creating your own meal, our fully equipped kitchens are stocked with everything you need to prepare the dinner, except for the food; that you will have to shop for yourself!

No Need to Skip Black Friday

Because most of our homes contain washers and dryers, the ability to pack light allows you to enjoy Black Friday shopping to its fullest! Spend some hours at the Annapolis Towne Centre picking up prizes for the family, explore the boutiques and shops that stay open in the historic downtown area, or find your favorite department store and go wild! This Thanksgiving is all about your wants, wishes, and desires. Aren’t you wondering why you waited so long to try this holiday getaway?

It Keeps Getting Better

It doesn’t really matter how you decide to spend your Thanksgiving Dinner in Annapolis as long as you spend it with us in one of our At Home Annapolis holiday escapes! Reserve yours today and discover what it truly means to be thankful this year.

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