Our Guide to New Year’s in Annapolis


Every holiday has something amazing to offer in Annapolis, and while we love them all, Annapolis for New Years Eve is something special! The good will and warm ambience of Christmas still lingers, and as the night grows darker and cooler, we begin to feel as if anything is possible in the year ahead. It’s probably true that the same feelings could occur anywhere else in the world, but the beauty of Chesapeake Bay and the historic neighborhoods that can be found all around town, not to mention the Military Bowl that has the world’s eyes on us, makes Annapolis the best place to bid farewell to the old year!

Epicurean Adventures

Chances are you will be imbibing a fair amount of alcohol before the night ends, so starting out with a substantial foundation is key factor to having a memorable evening! Dinner at Les Folies Brasserie is one of the first places we think about when looking for a meal that is an experience, not just food to fill your stomach. Featuring the finest French foods served in a romantic atmosphere, saying hello to the new year will be memorable when you begin your night at Les Folies Brasserie.

First Night Fun for New Year’s in Annapolis

It can be difficult finding activities that your entire family can enjoy together on your Annapolis New Years Eve. Offering a variety of what we call “First Night” fun adventures, the concept is designed to provide a good time for all who partake. Featuring family friendly entertainment that includes arts and crafts, an obstacle course, a moon bounce, and a kids’ rock band playing the tunes we know all the words to, the event begins at 3 PM and lasts until 6 PM. At 5:30, enjoy a “preview” of the grand event that usually takes place at midnight with an early bird firework show; even the youngest members of your family can enjoy the fun of New Year’s in Annapolis and still get to bed early! After the early birds fly from the nest, the festivities continue with a party on the dock featuring live music and the opportunity to boogie until midnight when the fantastic fireworks finale lights up the sky!

A Dream Come True

2020 is a year we will happy to see the end of, and although we have spent much of the year feeling bored and fearing what happens next, At Home Annapolis has a feeling that this New Year’s will be one that you will never forget! Whether you are staying home watching the countdown to the new year on television or you are hitting the streets for a glitzy celebration, Annapolis offers a magical spell that makes the holiday shine brighter. Homebodies will appreciate the quiet luxuries we offer our guests when they choose intimate moments with those they love over bright lights and big crowds! If you have chosen a property that comes with a hot tub, kicking out the new year while simmering in the bubbles adds a special ambience to this most special night of the year.

Of course, you do not have to stay in to make magical memories. Some of your most memorable activities can include a simple walk along City Dock, sharing secrets and finding a bench to sit on as you look out on the Bay. There are guaranteed to be some fireworks, no matter where you are sitting, so be sure to look up in the sky and catch the most colorful show of the year! And when you choose to head back to your At Home Annapolis New Year’s nest, sharing a glass of champagne in front of a roaring fire will be the best way to help make your New Year’s dreams come true as you share a toast to future blessings and perhaps one for the memories you have made for a family.

A Taste of Happiness

Going out on New Year’s Eve can be a drain on your nerves and your budget, but there are ways to compromise! Choose to create a meal at home and go out later for champagne toasts and kisses at midnight; frozen h’ors doeuvres heat up nice in our fully equipped kitchens. No one wants to do work on New Year’s Eve, and the local grocery stores understand, offering a varied selection of snacks to make the night special! Sweet teeth can be charmed with a sweet treat from Bakers & Co, located at 618 Chesapeake Avenue. Offering cranberry scones and almond croissants, every bite will be devoured; how can the new year disappoint when you start it with something sweet and special?

Staying Home Can Be the Right Thing to Do

The quiet moments spent with family can be the most precious moments; discovering the promise of a new year in one of our At Home Annapolis holiday escapes can be the most precious of all! Watch the fireworks off in the distance as you snuggle under blankets on the patio of your favorite home away from home. This next year is guaranteed to be even better than the last!

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