Our Guide to Christmas in Annapolis

As the temperatures drop and clouds begin lining the skies, a curious thing begins to happen in our beautiful city on the bay. Smiles start appearing a little more readily on the faces of our friendly residents, children begin quivering with excitement, and the storefronts and homes in the neighborhood look even warmer and cheerful than ever. Obviously, Christmas is rapidly approaching, and with it comes everything wonderful you’ve come to expect from Annapolis and so much more. If you’re thinking of making our hometown your Christmas destination, you won’t be alone, and if you choose At Home Annapolis for your holiday home away from home, you’ll have successfully completed the first step in our guide to an Annapolis Christmas—finding the perfect place to stay!

Step 2: Unpack and Explore Annapolis Christmas Events

To be honest, there’s so much to do during this festive season, we won’t judge you for simply tossing your bags on the beds and hitting the streets, but we can tell you there is plenty of spaces to pack away your belongings in the peaceful bedrooms of our holiday getaways. Once you’ve dumped the bags (or unpacked them in an orderly fashion!), it’s time to get started on one of your first Annapolis Christmas events: the Annapolis Boat Parade! It’s usually held in mid-December, and although you may have seen many parades in your life, we promise this one will fill you with awe. A parade of boats decorated in their holiday finest will float across the waters for the happiest two hours of your life, ending of course with the jolly old elf himself at the stern of the final boat!

Step 3: Keep Stomachs and Souls Fed and Happy

Your dining options in Annapolis are numerous, thankfully, because the cooler weather of winter will stir up quite an appetite! You can create gourmet feasts in the fully equipped kitchen of your At Home Annapolis Christmas cottage, or you can partake in the vacation tradition with a taste of the town with a visit to these wonderful restaurants! Be adventurous at Preserve, 164 Main Street, and enjoy the all-American cooking that features produce that has been pickled, canned, or fermented. Be traditional with a stop at Lewnes’ Steakhouse, 401 Fourth Street, for a taste of thick and juicy steaks. Or be a part of the family, enjoying pub grub and fantastic crab cakes at our favorite place in town, Galway Bay Irish Restaurant and Pub, found at 63 Maryland Avenue.

Step 4: Plan Some Nights Inside

Exploring Annapolis is exciting and wonderful as you visit a city that seems to have been the inspiration for that Christmas village on your mantel you’ve been adding to over the years, but staying in on a cold winter’s night can bring about some of your happiest memories! Bake cookies in a professional style gas oven, sip cocoa as you watch Christmas movies on state of the art televisions, and fall into a deep dreamless sleep every night in one of our soft beds; choosing At Home Annapolis for your Christmas escape will be the best decision you’ve made in years! Reserve your stay today!

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