Guide to President’s Day in Annapolis

President’s Day is one of those holidays we all appreciate, but never know what to do with. Should we stay home and work on some of those honey-do chores we never seem to have enough time for? Or should we get in the car and drive somewhere for a fun-filled three days of beauty and history? We, of course, believe in the latter, and if your GPS is headed in the direction of Annapolis for President’s Day, this guide will give you an experience that will never be forgotten!

Keep It Patriotic

The history of Annapolis is long and rich and includes signers of the most important document in our nation’s history, the Declaration of Independence. Four of those brave souls once called our city on the bay their home, and although the Peggy Stewart, William Paca, Chase-Lloyd, and Charles Carrol houses are all closed to tours during the pandemic, there’s nothing preventing you from walking by and taking pictures from the outside! Located in various locations throughout town, you can’t help but feel patriotic when standing in the footsteps of the brave men who risked everything for the freedom we take for granted.

Exercise Your Credit Card

President’s Day is in the middle of February, giving you time to recoup the money you spent at Christmas, so why not give your credit cards a little workout? Annapolis is a shopping metropolis, filled with cute boutiques, shoppes, and souvenir spots all containing treasures you won’t want to live without! Architecture fans will have the added benefit of checking out the beautiful and historic buildings in which the stores are housed, including A L Goodies General Store, 112 Main Street. Billed as the oldest gift and souvenir shop in town, stepping inside its doors will give you the feeling that you are stepping back in time, only the items being sold are far cooler and more modern!

Relax and Enjoy

Every day of our life is spent planned out to the minute, and even on vacation, we have a tendency to go, go, go and generally arrive back home feeling as if we need a vacation from our vacation! Our At Home Annapolis homes, however, invite you to make this getaway different as you sleep in late, binge watch movies on state of the art televisions, and take a few minutes to watch the sunset over the Chesapeake day every evening. Relax and enjoy the beauty of our homes this President’s Day in Annapolis and return to real life rested and recharged—reserve yours today!

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