Check out all the fun you can have when you enjoy an Annapolis Easter

Escape to Annapolis for Easter 2021

The beauty of Annapolis shines even brighter over the Easter holiday, and although this is not usually a holiday over which you would travel, aren’t you tired of staying home? The last 12 months have been long and sad, and now that the world is starting to look a little brighter, itchy feet can travel again! Our guide to our Annapolis Easter rentals will give you just a glimpse of what you can expect during your Easter 2021 escape to our favorite city on the Chesapeake Bay.

Seasonal Sanctuaries for Annapolis Easter

At Home Annapolis wants you to feel instantly at home when you walk into our cozy, cheerful, and oh so comfortable holiday hideaways! Follow the halls that lead a path straight to the kitchen, the heart of the home, and discover a space that is airy and bright and designed to give the little extra something that makes your Easter feast extra special. Boil eggs for decorating and bake the traditional Easter ham, showing your family that traditions can continue even when you are thousands of miles from home. Dining rooms are where you can decorate those eggs, play a few board games, or devour the Easter feast if that’s how you celebrate this important holiday. The kitchens can be used for whipping together a pitcher of Easter cocktails, the dining room tables for catching up on emails, and living areas offer plush furnishings, state of the art televisions, and the perfect spots to recover from the aftereffects from too many Easter Egg Mudslide shots! Yards with fences are designed to offer hiding spots for your decorated eggs, large porches with views of the water are where you can sit each evening watching the sun set over the horizon. And at the end of each evening, sliding into the warmth and coziness of our deluxe beds, you will discover what it means to sleep the entire night through!

Making Memories with At Home Annapolis

Every minute of your Annapolis Easter adventure in our hometown on the bay is guaranteed to be filled with love, laughter, comfort, and style when you choose At Home Annapolis for your holiday escape. Reserve yours today and get started making memories that will last a lifetime!

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