Enjoy the sights when you vacation to Annapolis

Enjoy a Vacation to Annapolis While Working Remote

Although 2020 has definitely not turned out the way we had hoped it might, there are some benefits that the new norm is bringing. We spend more time with our families and less time dealing with the stresses of the outside world. We don’t have to wear pants to work, and that commute is far less painful as we roll out of bed and meander down the hall to our home office! And while all this is great, there is one more benefit that we think you may be missing out on, one that will change the way you look at telecommuting (and home schooling) forever: Working from home doesn’t have to mean working from your own home. If you don’t have to go into the office at all, why not work from an At Home Annapolis vacation escape and enjoy a fabulous vacation at the same time? Below, we’ve detailed how you can enjoy a working getaway when you vacation to Annapolis!

Designed for Comfort When You Vacation to Annapolis

Our workplaces have never been known to be comfortable, but your At Home Annapolis workspace is about to change all that. The dining room table is traditionally the chosen work-from-home spot, but there’s no reason why you can’t sink into one of our plush sofas (with a fire roaring in the fireplace on a chilly day) and get down to business. That same fire provides an elegant and cozy backdrop to any internet meetings you may have, or if the mood strikes, head to the patio for a phone call and a relaxing moment in the sun! King beds in the master suites eliminate the need to leave the bedroom retreats, and that extra bedroom with the desk and chair is perfect place for your children to work on their homeschool assignments! Lunches can be prepared in the fully equipped kitchens or have a sandwich delivered and enjoy a taste of Annapolis. The pandemic has enticed many restaurants to offer contact-free delivery, even at the nicer restaurants in town!

All Work and No Play

Everyone knows what happens when you work too hard and don’t play enough, something we doubt will happen during your Annapolis getaway! As tempting as it may be to stay and explore the luxurious amenities we offer in our properties, the beauty and history of our city on the bay will entice you to get out there and experience it all. Whether you are enjoying evening walks along the Chesapeake Bay, weekend mornings sailing its waters, or are spending your Sunday afternoons learning the history of the city in which four different signers of the Declaration of Independence once lived, spending every other minute in the comfort and style of our At Home Annapolis vacation homes may be the very best part of your wonderful working vacation. Reserve your home away from home today!

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