Make memories on your next Annapolis Thanksgiving vacation

Enjoy a Thanksgiving 2021 Getaway to Annapolis

The holidays are coming and if you find yourself unable to face another Thanksgiving spent shopping, cleaning, cooking, and listen to Cousin Karen go on and on about her new French boyfriend who is flying her to Paris for Christmas, we have a solution for you! Run away to the beauty of our favorite city on the bay and spend this holiday lapping up comfort, luxury, and style in one of our At Home Annapolis holiday hideaways! This guide to the fun you can have and the stresses you will NOT have will give you so many things to be thankful for, you may run out of fingers while counting them!

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Architecture Tour at the Hammond-Harwood House, November 20th

The biggest blessings in our lives tend to revolve around home and family and you and your family will enjoy this unique and in-depth tour of this unique plantation home that was built prior to our nation becoming independent! Costing $20 and lasting from 10 AM until Noon, this tour offers an in-depth tour of the architecture and design of this historic residence and as you explore the beauty and elegance of the property, constructed in 1774, perhaps you will be able to hear whispers from celebrations of past Thanksgivings.

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Enjoy an Annapolis Thanksgiving, You Deserve a Break

After years of working your fingers to the bone, creating gravy from scratch, sacrificing sleep for the greater good of the turkey, and biting your lips to avoid crying over a meal that spent hours to prepare and disappears in just minutes, you deserve a break. You deserve to have someone else to do the cooking, to wait on you, and then to clear away after you have eaten your fill and many local restaurants are open for Thanksgiving and will be serving the traditional meals! Enjoy elegant meals with your favorite wines at Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant or be wowed by the views available at Sam’s on the Waterfront, two of our favorite restaurants that have historically been open for the holiday. As per the norm during COVID times, however, you may want to double check as the time grows nearer, to ensure there have been no last minute changes.

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Savor Your Traditions

Of course, you may love cooking the Thanksgiving feast and when you first walked in to our At Home Annapolis vacation escapes, the fully equipped kitchen aroused your interest and desire to bring your traditions to Annapolis. Coming together as a family enjoying the meals you have enjoyed making your entire lives is guaranteed to be the best part of your Annapolis Thanksgiving getaway! Reserve your favorite At Home Annapolis holiday hideaway today!