Grab ice cream on your day full of Annapolis activities

Early Summer Activities in Annapolis

As the weather turns from cool to warm and the sun stays out later every evening, many travelers are deciding that this early summer period of beauty is the perfect time for a vacation getaway to Annapolis—and we would have to 100% agree! This time of year offers so many benefits, from less crowds to cooler temps, it may become your favorite time to travel. Our guide to all the fun you can have during your early summer getaway in Annapolis will ensure that every minute of your stay is filled with excitement, relaxation, and joy!

The Beauty of At Home Annapolis

Staying home with At Home Annapolis is an experience you will want to try again and again as you spend your hours really getting to know the comfort and luxury our homes offer. Rent a home with a pool and plan your own private pool party complete with cannonballs, hot dogs on the barbecue grill, and your favorite music enticing you to bust your best dance moves. Watch romantic movies on rainy nights accompanied by fresh popped popcorn and a glass of your favorite wine or wake up early to watch the sunrise over the bay, made easier in one of our waterfront homes. Everything you do in one of our At Home Annapolis summer escapes promises to be the highlight of your already spectacular getaway!

Venturing Out With Annapolis Activities

Of course, if you spent your entire vacation at home, you might be a little disappointed that you missed out on picnics you could have had at Quiet Waters Park, antique shopping on the “Vintage Loop,” or the simple pleasures found in an ice cream cone from Storm Brothers Ice Cream Factory. Walking along cobbled streets while exploring the historic district, visiting homes of signers of the Declaration of Independence or examining, or taking a tour of the world-famous Chesapeake Bay, followed by crab cakes at O’Leary’s Seafood Restaurant, are all activities that hold great charm with visitors and residents alike. If you came all this way without at least attempting a few of the items we have listed here, your trip would not have been as stellar as you had hoped! Our city on the bay is made for adventures big and small, and we encourage you to explore everything there is to do when you embark on a day of Annapolis activities.

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Knowing you will be coming home at the end of each adventure to the comforts of our special properties will make the separation anxiety a little easier to bear. Reserve your summer stay today!

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