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Dog Friendly Activities in Annapolis

Known for its incredible beaches and storied history with the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis has been a growing tourist destination for years now. But there’s one burning question in everyone’s mind that needs to be answered: Is it pup friendly? If you’re like us, you never want to leave out your furry friend on your next great vacation, and we’re here to tell you that Annapolis is definitely dog friendly! The next time you decide to visit Annapolis, here are the top three dog friendly activities in Annapolis.

Take a Cruise on the Bay

One of the most popular things to do in Annapolis is to take in incredible sights and sounds of the area from the water, and there are few places that do it better than Cruises on the Bay. For over 40 years, this company has been offering cruises in Chesapeake Bay that offer breathtaking sights of the Annapolis region and eastern shore while also providing a great understanding of the history of the people and area. One of the best parts about their cruises is the fact that every single one of the cruises are dog friendly; in fact, dogs ride for free as long as they are leashed and friendly!

Visit the United States Naval Academy

One of the biggest draws of visiting the Annapolis area is to visit the United States Naval Academy, which has been training some of the finest men and women of the United States Navy for over 160 years. The amount of history at the Naval Academy almost as breathtaking as some of the incredible views and sights that are available, and one of the best parts is that dogs are also welcome on the grounds as well! Normally, dogs are permitted along the perimeter of the campus, so don’t be afraid to bring your pup out to experience the history and tradition on the United States Navy with you!

Visit the Quiet Waters Park for Some Old-Fashioned Fun and other Dog Friendly Activities in Annapolis

While those first two ideas may sound exciting and different, we understand that sometimes it’s better just to stick to tradition. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best dog park in all of Annapolis, we highly recommend checking out Quiet Waters Park. An incredibly beautiful and spacious park located right in the near the bay, Quiet Waters Park featured two off-leash dog parks for both little and big pups alike! There is also fresh water and toys available, so there will be no shortage of fun for your furry friends on this day!

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