Property Walkthrough: Ogleton Porticos

The charm of Annapolis is reflected in the vacation home we call Ogleton Porticos. Offering five cozy and comfortable bedrooms and five and a half spacious baths, this unique property is a popular one with families of US Naval Academy students and graduates. Located close to the academy, if you are planning on visiting our city on the bay for Commissioning Week, it is best to get your booking in as soon as you can. This guide to the wonders found within this sweet property will help give you that gentle nudge you need, especially once you see all the fun and comfort this Annapolis vacation rental property offers!

Come Sit on the Veranda

In the South, front porches are often referred to as verandas, and Ogleton Porticos offers three beautiful ones located on each floor of the building. Strong, yet graceful, the amenities found within are destined to make you fall in love, and as the front door swings open, your heart might just skip a beat! Follow the wood floors into rooms filled with period details, including decorative molding along the ceilings, wainscoting along the lower half of the walls, and thick window sills that make a window look finished. A fireplace located by the dining room table keeps guests warm in the cooler months as they eat, play board games, and sip coffee on lazy Saturday mornings. The main living area offers elegant leather couches that are perfect for sinking into to read a good book or take a short nap. Surrounded by windows that peek out over the lawn, this bright spot is destined to be a popular gathering place, but it won’t be the only one!

Multiple family rooms with televisions, comfortable seating spots, and in one case, a fireplace are located throughout the home, giving multiple families traveling together their own space to chill. The fully equipped kitchen on the main level features upscale appliances of stainless steel, granite countertops, and a separate dining area that is perfect for late-night snacks or quiet breakfasts. Bedrooms that are warm, welcoming, and tranquil each offer either a private bath or an en suite bath, giving guests the perfect place to retreat to at the end of long vacation days. When it is time to play, wrap-around decks overlooking the river are where you will want to spend as much time as you can, and a private boat dock allows you to rent a boat and spend much of your time exploring the waterway located right behind your vacation sanctuary!

Choose At Home Annapolis

This special time in your family’s life deserves the special options found in our At Home Annapolis Ogleton Porticos escape—reserve it today!

Property Walkthrough: The Wardroom

You can’t go anywhere in our city on the bay without feeling that important sense of history that the town carries with it, and that includes the special 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath Wardroom property we want to talk about on this beautiful and sunny summer day! Built in 1904, it isn’t as old as many of the buildings in Annapolis, and it definitely offers up all the modern conveniences travelers seek during their vacations, but it does impart a charm and style that newer residences just can’t manage. As you explore through our eyes, we think you will discover that the Wardroom is your Annapolis vacation home dream come true!

All the Comforts of Home in This Annapolis Vacation Home

Standing tall and proud, the gray exterior and sea colored front door of the Wardroom provides a welcoming introduction to Annapolis, and as that door swings open revealing original wood floors, you will realize that you have found your new happy place! Follow the hallway to the kitchen, where cabinets painted a crisp white, black granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances provide a cheerful spot to prepare meals, brew up a pot of coffee, or snack on something chocolate under the light of the moon shining in the windows. A natural wood dining room set dominates the bright dining area where many of your Annapolis adventures will take place. Here is where you will unplug with a rousing game of Monopoly or plug back in to check emails from work; free high-speed internet gives you the option to work here as just as easily as you do in your own kitchen back home, and a fireplace crackling merrily on chilly days will help keep you warm while you do. Each of the bedrooms, painted in the cool blues, grays, and greens of the sea, offer the perfect spots to retreat to at the end of each day, falling into the deep sleep of a child after a full day of fun in Annapolis. A claw foot tub in one of the baths provides solace from the aches and pains that can be acquired during vacation explorations, and cool marble tile flooring gives the spaces a sophisticated appeal. Outside, a wood pub table with green canvas umbrella sits on a brick path, waiting to be used for dining, sipping, or contemplating your next adventures in town!

There Is No Place Like At Home

At Home Annapolis offers a vacation experience that is both stylish and comfortable, and the Wardroom is the perfect example—reserve it today!

Family Friendly Features of Our Rentals in Annapolis

Traveling with family can be as painful as it is wonderful, especially when it comes to finding a place to rest your head every night. Do you cram together in a hotel room, sharing a single bathroom and eating every meal out, or do you discover a third solution when you visit the historic city of Annapolis and decide to stay in one of our At Home Annapolis family friendly vacation rentals? We think this guide to the family friendly features found in our rentals in Annapolis will be all the convincing you need!

At Home with At Home Annapolis

Your first glimpse of your home away from home is guaranteed to be one you won’t ever forget as you pull into the driveway of one of our charming family homes. You can almost picture your kids’ bikes laying on the lawn, your dog running around the backyard, and your husband manning the grill that is perched upon the deck in the backyard. And yes, many of our family homes are also pet friendly; we want everyone in your household to enjoy your Maryland vacation! Step inside and instantly feel welcomed as the warmth of our family homes envelopes you like a hug.

Take a peek inside the kitchen, a space where meals are made, secret recipes are revealed, and relationships between turbulent teens and parents are mended! Living areas offer plush sofas that are sturdy pieces designed for flopping, napping, and reading your children one last story before they reluctantly head off to dreamland. Don’t be surprised if you hear a few whispers and giggles from the bedroom before silence reins once more. Our rooms aren’t just places where you can retreat from the world; in your children’s eyes, they are circus tents and jungle gyms and stables to house their favorite unicorns!

The fun doesn’t end at the door, however, for when you head outside, more family friendly surprises await you, including fire pits for telling ghost stories (under careful supervision, of course!), barbecue grills for dad to take over the role of chef, and the occasional hot tub under the stars! (Mom and dad deserve a break too, especially after the younger set has finally fallen asleep!)

Every Day Is a New Adventure in Our Rentals in Annapolis

And every night is meant for happy dreams when you choose At Home Annapolis. Reserve your stay today!