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Annapolis is one of the most popular cities on the East Coast. Featuring great seafood, friendly locals, proximity to the bustling city of Baltimore, and access to some of the best beaches in the state, it is no wonder why so many people head here for their upcoming vacation.

With dozens of long-term rentals, isolated rentals, pet-friendly rentals, and waterfront properties, there is no shortage of places to book for your unforgettable vacation. But where should you stay when visiting Annapolis? Fortunately, we have got you covered on your Annapolis getaway.

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Annapolis Properties

Don’t spend time browsing homes for rent on Google. Instead, check out these reliable and upscale properties perfect for your next holiday.

Waterfront Homes

Annapolis is right on the Chesapeake Bay, featuring the largest estuary in the country. With access to the water, waterfront properties are great for fishers, kayakers, canoers, and those who love relaxing by the Bay.
For those who want to host a party or family reunion in Annapolis, consider renting 0003 KR Beach Club in West Annapolis, a sprawling mansion with a backyard pool that sleeps 14 people.

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Pet-Friendly Rentals

Can’t imagine going away without bringing your adorable dachshund? We don’t blame you! After all, vacations should be fun for everyone — pets, too. Annapolis has dozens of pet- and family-friendly rentals, with some in beautiful suburban neighborhoods and others by the waterfront.

There is a huge selection of pet-friendly homes in Annapolis, ranging from smaller 2-bedroom houses to 8-bedroom mansions. Plus, you can choose the area you want to stay, with popular neighborhoods like Edgewater, Bay Ridge, or Severn River on the list. We recommend looking at 0034 Waterside in Bay Ridge, a majestic home that can sleep 18 people.

Long-Term Rentals for Your Annapolis Getaway

Lastly, you can stay even longer in Annapolis if you want to! Maybe you were here for vacation last year, and you loved it so much that now you want to stay the whole summer. It’s totally understandable!

If you want to find a long-term rental, there are dozens of choices in popular neighborhoods like Bay Ridge, Historic Downtown Annapolis, West Annapolis, and South River. Make friends with the locals, experience the slower side of life, and enjoy making an Annapolis waterfront home your new abode for the summer.

Heading to Annapolis for your next holiday? Great choice! Use At Home Annapolis to find the best vacation home for all of your needs. With family-friendly, pet-friendly, long-term, and waterfront rentals, we have something for everyone.

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