Enjoy an Annapolis summer vacation

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When the winter weather gets you down and you start thinking you will never be warm again, At Home Annapolis wants to bring a ray of summer’s sunshine into your life, even if your vacation is still months away. Enjoy the simple act of planning your summer getaway, choosing the destination, compiling a list of activities you want to do, and most importantly, booking your Annapolis summer sanctuary with us right now! Yes, we are teaching a simple lesson on the best way to make winter disappear, if only for a moment or two at a time, and if you follow our suggestion, you will be reaping some added benefits as well!

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Save Money, Book An Annapolis Summer Rental Now

Although we don’t raise the prices during the busy season, we do provide a discount for those who book early, meaning you get to enjoy our luxurious and comfortable properties for a lower amount than the procrastinating travelers out there might! Close your curtains against the gloominess of winter, pour yourself a glass of wine, and start scrolling until you find the home you want to (temporarily) make your own. No matter how small the condo or how large the home, you are destined to find the one that fits like a glove and being able to save a little money always sweetens the pot. (And lets you spend more on souvenirs and fancy dinners out!)

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Can You See It?

With each click of the mouse, a new picture moves into view giving you glimpses of what the perfect vacation will contain. Maybe it’s the fully equipped kitchen with gas stove and marble countertops that makes your heart skip a beat or perhaps it is the large fenced in yard offering views of the river and multiple places to sit and watch the sun set. Can you see yourself taking a nap on the couch in the living room or revealing your inner pool shark to teens who had no idea that mom or dad could be so cool? If so, you definitely want to click the book now button, or risk losing the vacation home of your dreams to a traveler with a quicker trigger finger than yours!

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For a Few Moments

You felt the heat of the summer sun warming your winter pale skin and while it didn’t make the season pass by any faster, planning and booking your summer escape right now succeeded in giving you a bright spot in your day! Book your favorite At Home Annapolis escape today!