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When did you suddenly realize that not only has another year flown by in a blur, but that it has probably been that long (or longer) since you have been someplace new? Travel credits and vacation rental refunds are two oft used phrases during pandemic times, but we are happy to say that we see better things happening soon, and as travel restrictions lift and quarantine requirements disappear, now is the time to start planning a Memorial Day getaway that will help make up for the disappointments of the last 12 months of your life. The kickoff to summer is our favorite holiday, and when you spend it in Annapolis in one of our At Home Annapolis holiday escapes, this Memorial Day in Annapolis promises to be filled with fun and frolic!

Celebrate Like You’re Home with At Home Annapolis

Just having the chance to see someplace new is a treat these days, but our Memorial Day properties offer that something extra that makes your getaway stand out! Fully equipped kitchens put the joy back in cooking as you prepare your grandma’s potato salad and whip up a batch of Red, White, and Blue Frozen Sangrias, but never fear—you won’t be stuck doing all the work as your resident grill chef takes up his or her station in front of the propane grill that is available at many of our properties! Happily charring meat as the rest of the family plays video games, reads, or, if you have rented a home with a pool, practices their cannonballs in the clear blue waters! With the appropriate music accompanying the activities (rock or country, of course) and the sun shining brightly overhead, your all-American celebration just keeps getting better by the moment, especially when the meal is done and mom brings out the popsicles and ice cream cones as a sweet way of signifying this meal is complete!

Remembering the Reason This Memorial Day in Annapolis

The reason for this holiday is one of remembrance as we pay homage to those who sacrificed so much for our country, and a visit to the World War II Memorial, located at 1920 Governor Ritchie Highway, is the perfect place to do so. Created as a tribute to the military members who have long passed, the peace and quiet at this special memorial will give you the space to pause in the celebration and say thanks to those whose names are listed here, as well as to those you may personally know.

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The memories made with At Home Annapolis are guaranteed to be long lasting ones. We hope to see you soon!

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