Best Ice Cream Shops in Annapolis

When it comes to ice cream, we wholeheartedly believe that even though it’s considered a summer dessert, there is never a wrong time to enjoy it! Summer in Annapolis is, of course, the optimum time for enjoying this sweet treat as you walk along the bay, letting the cold cream chill your insides as the breeze from over the water cools your fevered brow. It melts too quickly, however, leaving a sticky mess if you don’t eat it fast enough, so maybe spring or fall is the optimum time to enjoy your ice cream after all. For our winter visitors, while it may be too cold to enjoy an icy treat outside, these are the best ice cream shops in Annapolis.

Annapolis Ice Cream Company, 196 Main Street

Homemade ice cream isn’t something we experience a lot these days, but the Annapolis Ice Cream Company is happy to change that. All their 36 flavors are made in-store every day. Selling ice cream cakes as well, this special shop is definitely our happy place in a town filled with wonders!

Kilwin’s Chocolates & Ice Cream, 128 Main Street

Because not everyone in your family may feel the same way about ice cream as you do, Kilwin’s Chocolates offers something for everyone. In addition to their 40 flavors of ice cream made with fresh and pure ingredients, they also sell delicious chocolates, caramel apples, yogurt and sorbetto. Everything that comes from this downtown ice cream shop is created to bring a smile to your stomach! It’s definitely one of the best ice cream shops in Annapolis!

Other of the Best Ice Cream Shops in Annapolis

As much as we love ice cream, there is still something that can make that treat even better, and that something is a waffle cone! Sweet, crunchy, and offering the perfect accompaniment to the silky smoothness of ice cream, the Red Bean in downtown Annapolis understands its importance. Serving strong coffee, sweet ice cream, and, of course, those incredible waffle cones, a visit to this unique shop should be moved to the top of your vacation bucket list no matter what time of year it is!

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