Best Coffee Shops in Annapolis

When the cold weather gets to you, it’s time for a hot cup of coffee, and Annapolis has it all—all the great blends and flavors that you have heard of and some you may be encountering for the very first time. But it’s all good. This, after all, is a vacation, and trying out new java brews is recommended. Read more to learn about the best coffee shops in Annapolis!

Bakers & Co

With their great location in Eastport, you’ll have a wonderful view of the city. Besides the usual coffee menu, they’re famous for their handmade pastries and bread loaves. So grab some of these along with your hot cup and sit back and watch your day get off to a great start. The staff is super friendly as well, which is another great way to get the morning going.

Brown Mustache Coffee

Here you can enjoy a latte slouching in their comfortable leather chairs while you plan the day ahead of you. The coffee is great, and the snacks are to die for. The pastries, in particular, are fresh and always in demand. They make exceptionally good espresso, so make sure you try it. And while you’re here, you can browse their merch; the t-shirts look really cool. It’s definitely one of the best coffee shops in Annapolis.

Bean Rush Cafe

As a roasting, baking, and sandwich making place, Bean Rush Cafe is more than your average coffee shop. For one thing, your coffee will almost always be accompanied by a snack, a sandwich, or a bagel. You start with their signature brewed coffee and then pick a delicious pastry or even a fresh salad or a sandwich. That’s the way things are done in Bean Rush Cafe.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters

If your idea of a good cup of coffee is for the bean to be roasted, ground, blended, then brewed right there where it’s being served to you, then Ceremony Coffee Roasters is the place to go to. Yes, they do all that and more. They offer every coffee flavor, from a single origin to blended, decaf, espresso and many more.

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