Trendy Shops & Restaurants to Visit in Annapolis

Planning your trip to Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay area is an exciting thing. There are so many things to do near the water. Places to shop, unique dining experiences, and art havens. Here are a few trendy shops & restaurants to visit in Annapolis that you absolutely have to check out:


With a downtown slowly drowning in cookie cutter gift shops, Kokopelli stands out from the bunch. It’s a boutique you can spend hours in, filled with unique items and a comfortable atmosphere where you’ll find yourself losing track of time. It’s well-curated and has a friendly staff, and even from the street outside it emanates an inviting and cozy vibe.

Annapolis Marine Art Gallery

Open since 1979 and located at City Dock, this gallery is home of most beautiful marine art this side of the Atlantic. Their featured artists include the renowned stylings of Barber, Bond, O’Brien, Landry, Ruseau, and Stobart –a vibrant collection of prints and original paintings. These artists have mastered the art of capturing the beauty and majesty of the sea. This gallery is open to the public seven days a week!

Capital Teas -Loose Tea Shop

Here you’ll find an assortment of delicious loose leaf teas, tea accessories, tea-ware, spices, and coffee. It’s the perfect place to find a charming gift, to stock up your own tea cabinet, or simply for a one-off treat for your taste buds. Loose leaf tea is an art, and Capital Teas has that art mastered. It’s definitely one of the best trendy shops & restaurants to visit in Annapolis!

Easy Street

Easy Street is an American craft gallery that was voted a Top 100 Retailer of American Craft, and was one of the first to focus on handmade art. They travel the country to find the best work from hundreds of artists, from famous artists to newcomers to the art scene. The gallery is a constantly changing collection, so even if you’ve been here before, you’re going to want to visit again to check out all the fresh new art the family has collected.

Mills Fine Wine & Spirits

Here you’ll find everything your heart desires. Mills has hundreds of craft beers, your choice of wine from table wine to top shelf, and a mouth-watering array of scotch, bourbon, whiskey, rum, tequila, vodka, gin, liqueur, cognac, and brandy! This place has a history too; it’s been around since 1946 and it’s the premier resource of wine and spirits for the entire region with an impressive collection that will leave your head spinning.

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Summer Activities in Annapolis for the Whole Family

There are different activities each season in Annapolis for you and your family to enjoy. The summer season is no different with incredible activities all over the city. Here are some summer activities in Annapolis:

4th of July Celebration

America’s birthday is best celebrated in Annapolis with a daylong celebration and party just off Annapolis Harbor. If you have not experienced Annapolis’s 4th of July Celebration, you have been missing out! Each year this celebration is one of the most attended events in the city. Enjoy all the BBQ and fireworks with your family on July 4th in Annapolis.

Maryland Renaissance Festival

Experience how families lived in the 16th Century with the annual Maryland Renaissance Festival this summer. Your family can enjoy thrilling performances from jugglers, jousters, and jesters. Knights will duke it out on the battlefield to win the hand of the princess. The Maryland Renaissance Festival is the second largest renaissance fair in the whole country, so expect to find plenty of live entertainment and delicious food this season!

Annapolis Art Week

During the first week of June this summer, your family can enjoy the Annapolis Art Week. In fact, this year’s event will be a combination of three separate events: Paint Annapolis, First Sunday Arts Festival, and Annapolis Arts & Wine Festival. Local artists and food vendors show off their wares where you can find the perfect gift for everyone in the family to take home. Annapolis is known as one of the top art destinations in the country, making this art festival one to see! It’s definitely one of the best summer activities in Annapolis!

Float Down Annapolis Harbor

The incredible Annapolis Harbor is a playground for all the water-based activities your family wishes to partake in. Anyone can enjoy fishing and kayaking around most areas of the harbor. Local rental shops make it easy to find all the gear you need for a relaxing day on the water. Let Pirate Adventures on the Chesapeake give you and your kids a thrilling high-seas adventure around the harbor as your search for treasure.

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Planning the Perfect Mother’s Day Getaway to Annapolis

Mother’s Day in the Chesapeake Bay region oftentimes presents weather with glorious temperatures that hover in the mid-70s and air that is devoid of all the humidity normally seen during the months of July and August. Read on for a few ideas on how to enjoy a beautiful Mother’s Day in Annapolis, MD!

Historic Tours

Located on the western banks of Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis is close to both historic cities of Washington D.C. and Baltimore, but it remains proud of its own place in American history. In that case, take mom on a historic tour to get a glimpse of Colonial America with one of the many guided tour companies around town. Or you can embark on a self-guided tour that will transport mom back to the 18th century with a trip to archaic homes such as the William Paca House built in 1765, the Chase Lloyd House constructed in 1769 and the majestic Maryland State House still in use since 1772. It’s definitely one of the best ways to spend Mother’s Day in Annapolis, MD!

Mother’s Day Brunch

After a trip through Revolutionary America, the traditional Mother’s Day brunch is usually on the itinerary, and Annapolis is eager to please with its many restaurants that prepare special menus for mom. In downtown Annapolis, the Iron Rooster is an excellent option for its eclectic menu and creative combination of cocktails. Across Annapolis Harbor in the neighborhood of Eastport, O’Learys Seafood Restaurant provides elegant white tablecloth service in an old-school atmosphere alongside spectacular waterfront views. If a brunch sailing on the water sounds more like mom’s cup of tea, there are several charter companies that offer excursions around Chesapeake Bay. The Schooner Woodwind is a popular sailing company that has several types of tours depending on price, time and distance. Whatever option you choose, don’t forget to try the local cuisine which includes plenty of seafood and of course, those ubiquitous Maryland blue crabs.

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After dinner and a long day of exploring this historic city, a visit to the Annapolis Ice Cream Company is always a treat, especially if mom has a sweet tooth. Here, the shop mixes its homemade pies made with a wide range of flavors into a delectable vanilla ice cream. The combination is exceptional, and it is a special dessert that you will only find in Maryland, or at least only on the banks of Chesapeake Bay.

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Your Complete Family Guide to Annapolis

Best known for its accessibility, Annapolis is a perfect vacation destination for the whole family. The attractions here will keep the children happily occupied for hours on end. But that’s not all you get here. The city has stunning natural scenery that serves as a gorgeous backdrop for a family photo. One thing is for sure, your vacation in Annapolis will create many happy memories you’ll cherish for years to come. Here is our family guide to Annapolis!

City Dock

Annapolis Harbor is one part of the city you won’t want to miss,and City Dock is the right place that gives you a good look at the harbor. As the weather improves,people flock to the City Dock to enjoy a meal, have ice cream, and take in the views. You can spend hours watching the boats make their way in and out of the harbor.

US Naval Academy

This must-visit attraction is the pride and joy of the city. Even children will enjoy the guided tours offered here. The Academy has various exhibits that give you an intimate look into the life on board naval vessels. Or if you prefer you can stroll around the campus on your own. The architecture is simply stunning. The visitor’s center will help you plan your tour and choose where you’d like to go and what to see.

Water Taxi

Any guide to Annapolis will tell you that there are two ways to discover the heart of Annapolis: either take the trolley to explore the alleys and backstreets of this historic city or take a water taxi. The water taxi is only available between May and Labor Day and will take you from downtown to Eastport in one fun journey without setting foot on dry land.

Pirate Adventure

Who wouldn’t like to be a swashbuckling pirate even for a short while? Even grownups won’t mind donning a costume and strutting around on deck pretending to be Captain Jack Sparrow. If that’s your adventure, head over to the Chesapeake Bay. There you’ll find a ship waiting for you. After putting on the costume and getting your gear,you’ll be told about the buried treasures. Water and cannon displays will keep the experience lively and exciting. Children in particular will enjoy the realistic atmosphere where make-believe blends with the immaculate setting. We think the whole experience is a lot more fun than life aboard a real pirate ship!

Your Guide to Annapolis

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United States Powerboat Show

Anyone who has ever visited, read about, or heard about our hometown of Annapolis probably already knows that we are considered the Sailing Capital of the United States, but that doesn’t mean we rule out other forms of water transportation. Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States, making it perfect for boats of all types, including powerboats, which is why one of the largest powerboat shows in the country takes place every October. This year United States Powerboat Show is being held October 3rd through 6th; isn’t it time to start planning your Annapolis visit now?

City Dock in Annapolis is Where You Need to Be

There’s so much going on in this wonderful show, we really don’t know where to start. Offering everything from on-water training to previews and discounts of the hundreds of boats being exhibited, to a VIP Red Carpet Lounge where the cuisine is haute and the beverages run freely, this gigantic exposition is everything a boat lover could dream of! Preview Day takes place on Thursday, October 3 from 10 AM until 6PM and offers serious boat buyers a chance to explore the acres of boats being displayed in advance, as well as offering discounts on the purchase prices. There’s a demo dock for buyers to “test drive” the vessel they are considering, on-water training courses to help the new boat owner learn the rules of the water, and prizes that include a 7 Day Caribbean Charter Vacation for the lucky online ticket purchaser whose ticket is chosen!

Featuring hundreds of boats on display, including fishing boats from over 50 of the world’s leading manufacturers and pre-owned boats that can be found in Brokerage Cove, acres of on-land exhibitors, and comprehensive courses on ins and outs of boat ownership with Cruiser’s University, the chances of you seeing everything you want to see are slim, but because this is an annual event, we invite you to come back again next year! Ticket prices start at $5 for children and $18 for adults for a single day at the show and go up from there, making it an inexpensive activity for those traveling on a budget!

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Top 5 Pizza Places Locals Love in Annapolis

There are so many things we love about living in our city on the bay: the history, the views, the people, and crazy as it may sound, the pizza! Gooey and delicious, we’d wager that the pies served in Annapolis could compete with any in the world! And although pizza is a dish that people of all ages enjoy, living so close to the US Naval Academy and all it’s younger denizens who would rather order out than make a meal ensures that we have plenty of excellent choices for you to enjoy during your Maryland vacation.

Sammy’s Italian Pizza Kitchen, 1007 Bay Ridge Avenue A

Designed to feel as if you stepped into the dining room of your beloved Italian grandma’s home(with a few extra tables and chairs), Sammy’s Italian Pizza Kitchen offers a warm and welcoming ambiance that blends nicely with the meals they serve. And although they feature an extensive menu of your favorite Italian dishes, it’s the pizza that is the star of the show; hand tossed and offering a combination of New York and Chicago style pies, we won’t blame you if you choose to visit here more than once!

Annapolis Pizza at Vin 909 Wine Café, 909 Bay Ridge Avenue

The menu changes with the seasons, but the one thing that stays the same year-round is the divine taste of their diverse Annapolis pizza menu! Offering an innovative selection of toppings (including wild boar meatballs) that are locally-sourced and fresh from the farm, a visit to Vin and the charming cottage it’s housed in makes a romantic and memorable occasion!

Neo Pizza, 220 Harker PlaceSuite 145

Casual and chic, Neo Pizza is known throughout the state for its artisan pizzas and regional wines selections.also offering a large craft beer menu, if you’re looking for a place to hang and enjoy a slice, this 20-year-old establishment will fit the bill! And because they also offer delivery, depending on your location, you never have to leave the comfort of your vacation escape; they bring the best to you!

Mangia Italian Grill & Sports Bar, 81 Main Street

Sports fans will be thrilled to have their pizza and watch the big game at the same time! Annapolis is a hugely sports-oriented city, and the owners of Mangia have created a winning combination of pizza and sports about which we are not complaining one bit! Strategically-placed televisions throughout the restaurant do not clash with the Italian décor, and the hand-tossed pizzas topped with farm fresh ingredients add a savory element to the game on the big screen.

Rocco’s Pizzeria, 954 Bay Ridge Road

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it seems to be the theme behind this classic pizzeria located inside a 1970s storefront. Walk inside and you’ll see a décor that probably hasn’t changed a bit since opening day; the aromas that greet your twitching nose will tell you that changes aren’t needed! Rocco’s also offers delivery of their classic New York-style pizzas, so on the nights you just want to lay around in your jammies and veg, call 410-263-9444 and wait for the delicacies to arrive at your front door!

Eating Out or Eating In

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March Celebrations: Mardi Gras, Earth Hour and St. Patrick’s Day in Annapolis

March is filled with many incredible Annapolis events each year that are perfect for visiting travelers to enjoy. Here is how to enjoy your upcoming Mardi Gras, Earth Hour holidays and St. Patrick’s Day in Annapolis:

Mardi Gras

Start your Mardi Gras celebration with the smooth sound of live jazz at the Rams Head on Stage. The night will feature traditional New Orleans Jazz that was first brought to Annapolis over 50 years ago. The event starts at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, March 5thand is for adults only. Mardi Gras starts early at the Red Red Wine Bar just off Main Street with their annual brunch on Sunday, March 3rd. You will enjoy a vast menu of delicious treats including beignets while enjoying the Naptown Brass Band as they perform in house. Feel free to bring the kids, but the music can get a little loud. The event starts at 10:00 am with the band starting at 11:00 am.

St. Patrick’s Day in Annapolis

Perhaps no March holiday is more famous than St. Patrick’s Day. Annapolis knows how to celebrate this lively holiday with a variety of exciting events. Start your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with the 5th Annual Annapolis St Patrick’s Hooley on March 9th. This Irish-themed party is held at the Annapolis Hotel and benefits the Annapolis Police Foundation and Warrior Events. Your children can join in on the action with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade being held on March 10th from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. You and your family can enjoy watching colorful floats and costumed participants march through downtown this St. Patrick’s Day in Annapolis.

Earth Hour

Perhaps unfamiliar to most, Earth Hour is an hour-long timeframe where all lights are shut off. This event started in Sydney in 2007 and has since expanded all over the world. This year’s Earth Hour will take place on March 30th at 8:30 pm. During this time, turn off the lights and appreciate everything there is with nature. Our vacation rentals are a short distance to the bay which makes for a beautiful evening walk. Local bars may also be offering special discounts during this hour to help you celebrate with your favorite beverage.

Your Annapolis Getaway

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Best Coffee Shops in Annapolis

When the cold weather gets to you, it’s time for a hot cup of coffee, and Annapolis has it all—all the great blends and flavors that you have heard of and some you may be encountering for the very first time. But it’s all good. This, after all, is a vacation, and trying out new java brews is recommended. Read more to learn about the best coffee shops in Annapolis!

Bakers & Co

With their great location in Eastport, you’ll have a wonderful view of the city. Besides the usual coffee menu, they’re famous for their handmade pastries and bread loaves. So grab some of these along with your hot cup and sit back and watch your day get off to a great start. The staff is super friendly as well, which is another great way to get the morning going.

Brown Mustache Coffee

Here you can enjoy a latte slouching in their comfortable leather chairs while you plan the day ahead of you. The coffee is great, and the snacks are to die for. The pastries, in particular, are fresh and always in demand. They make exceptionally good espresso, so make sure you try it. And while you’re here, you can browse their merch; the t-shirts look really cool. It’s definitely one of the best coffee shops in Annapolis.

Bean Rush Cafe

As a roasting, baking, and sandwich making place, Bean Rush Cafe is more than your average coffee shop. For one thing, your coffee will almost always be accompanied by a snack, a sandwich, or a bagel. You start with their signature brewed coffee and then pick a delicious pastry or even a fresh salad or a sandwich. That’s the way things are done in Bean Rush Cafe.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters

If your idea of a good cup of coffee is for the bean to be roasted, ground, blended, then brewed right there where it’s being served to you, then Ceremony Coffee Roasters is the place to go to. Yes, they do all that and more. They offer every coffee flavor, from a single origin to blended, decaf, espresso and many more.

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4 Reasons to Spend Valentine’s Day 2019 in Annapolis

One of the top romantic destinations you can take your loved one to for Valentine’s Day is Annapolis, Maryland. You can find everything you need for the perfect romantic getaway—from candlelit dinners to exciting activities that will make this trip one to remember. Here is you should spend Valentine’s Day 2019 in Annapolis!

Romantic Fine Dining

When planning for your romantic dinner during Valentine’s Day, make it a meal he or she will never forget. Chart House is a local favorite for fine dining and delicious food. Not only will you find freshly prepared American, seafood, and vegetarian dishes,but also incredible views of the bay. This waterfront restaurant is located in the Historic District so expect to find the best views in town. If you enjoy freshly caught seafood or mouth-watering steaks, make sure to visit Chart House for your romantic dinner.

A Romantic Stage Performance

Take your loved one out to a romantic evening at the Annapolis Shakespeare Company. You can find a variety of incredible stage performances put on by some of the best actors in the industry. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead will be playing his Valentine’s Day holiday and makes for a hilarious and endearing show focusing on minor characters from Hamlet. Tickets can be purchased for this Valentine’s Day outing at. It’s definitely one of the best reasons to spend Valentine’s Day 2019 in Annapolis.

A Night of Jazz

Spend an intimate evening in the back room at 49 West for some of the best jazz you have ever heard. This musical performance lets you have the perfect Valentine’s Day date as you enjoy the sultry jazz being performed by local musicians. There is usually a cover fee at the door, so do not forget to bring cash for your romantic evening.

Ghouls and Drinks

A ghost walk may not sound like the ideal Valentine’s Day date at first, but it will bring you and your loved one closer together. Enjoy a visit to local bars at the Haunted Pub Crawl of Historic Annapolis while learning about the haunted establishments. This is a great idea for those who are looking for something out of the ordinary while enjoying the Historic Downtown District.

Romantic Getaway to Annapolis

Start planning for your romantic getaway to Annapolis for this year’s Valentine’s Day holiday. Our vacation rentals are second to none and provide you will all the necessities to enjoy your romantic outing with a loved one. Let us help you find the perfect vacation rental that will make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Best Restaurants for Winter Comfort Food in Annapolis

Keep yourself warm and relaxed this winter season by visiting one of the many incredible restaurants in Annapolis, Maryland. You can find your favorite comfort foods or try something new that is sure to taste great. Here is where you can find the best Winter comfort foods in Annapolis: Soul Taste award-winning flavors inspired by New Orleans from the kitchen at Soul. You can enjoy classic comfort food such as baby back ribs and fried chicken, all with a modern flair. Soul is the perfect destination for a relaxing dinner or exciting brunch. Enjoy Soul daily from 11:00am to 9:00pm during the week and open until 10:00pm on weekends.

Osteria 177

Combine comfort food with fine dining at Osteria 177. Thismodern Italian eatery features your favorite pasta dishes and one of the biggest wine menus you have ever seen among the restaurant in Annapolis. You can enjoy pasta dishes such as linguine, penne, gnocchi, and more for dinner or on their lunch menu. Enjoy Osteria 177 for lunch from 11:30am to 2:30pm and dinner from 5:00pm to 10:00pm.

Restaurants in Annapolis: BAROAK

Annapolis houses some of the best seafood restaurants on the Eastern Seaboard. Keep things casual yet still delicious when you dine in at BAROAK. This cookhouse and taproom features a comfort food menu highlighting their mussels and frites. You can pair each delicious entrée with craft beers from all over the world. Their vast beer menu is made even better during happy hour where you can enjoy half off beer, wine, and burgers. Relax with the Belgian-American eats at BAROAK open daily from 7:00am to 10:00pm and open late until 2:00am on weekend nights. It’s definitely one of the best places for Winter comfort foods in Annapolis.

Founders Tavern & Grill

For another great casual eatery with your favorite comfort food dishes and drinks, check out Founders Tavern & Grill. Their incredible combination of comfort foodslike fried chicken and shore chips with cold draft beer is a winner. Check out Founders Tavern & Grill any day of the week from 11:30am to 10:00pm.

Your Annapolis Vacation Getaway

Now that you have dinner options covered, it is time to start planning your vacation getaway to Annapolis. Enjoy our exclusive vacation rentals with luxury amenities and incredible home features that are second to none. Let At Home Annapolis supply you with the perfect vacation rental for your stay and be just minutes from these comfort food restaurants. Book online today and get ready for the incredible food of Annapolis.