Top Reasons to Visit Annapolis MD

As vacation season rolls around every six months or so, families all over the world begin to deal with the age-old question: Where do we want to go this year? The options are endless, from European vacations to trips to Disneyland, or our personal favorite, a visit to where most of our country’s history began, right here in Annapolis, Maryland! If Annapolis hasn’t been on your radar for a vacation destination, we think it will be after you read about these top reasons to visit Annapolis MD.

History Abounds

Although Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts is where our country’s history began, and Washington D.C. is where the most powerful men became our leaders, Annapolis could be considered the heart of America—especially when you consider that our city is the birthplace of the US Navel Academy and many of its denizens have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Today, you can tour the Naval Academy, visit the home of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and visit museums, historic homes, and monuments dedicated to preserving not just the history of Annapolis, but the history of America itself. Things to do around Annapolis has something for everyone!

We’ve Got Crabs

And boy, are they tasty! Maryland crabs are known the world over for being sweet, tasty treats, and when you visit, you’re going to want to include them in as many meals as you possibly can! The crabs found at Cantler’s Riverside Inn are probably the best reason to visit our town—they are just that good—but to be perfectly honest, you won’t ever find a bad crab in Annapolis!

America’s Sailing Capital

There’s a romantic magic associated with sailing and Annapolis has cornered the market on that activity. Spring and summer are the best times to visit and watch the Wednesday night sailboat races, take a sunset sailing cruise, or learn how to sail yourself. The Annapolis Sailing School, located at 7001 Bembe Beach Road, offers instructors that are both patient and personable as they train their students to fly across the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. There are plenty of activities to do in the area!

Things To Do Neat Annapolis MD

You want to be comfortable and pampered when you travel, and staying in one of our historic and stylish vacation escapes is the perfect reason for visiting Annapolis! Spacious, inviting, and warm, our homes are designed to make our guests feel treasured and welcomed. Reserve yours today and discover the At Home Annapolis difference!

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