Tips for Travel to Annapolis

Annapolis has a wide variety of things to enjoy during your visit. There are sites that are both educational and historical, the bay is absolutely gorgeous and makes for a wonderful spot to go for a boat ride, and the night life in downtown is particularly fun. When you’re working with limited vacation time, you always want to make the most of it, so it’s important that you find the right things for your group to enjoy. Depending on your preference, here are some great ways to fill your vacation when you travel to Annapolis.

Visit Historical Sites

The history of Annapolis goes all the way back to the 1600s, and the city played an important role throughout America’s struggle for independence. If you enjoy learning about the history of the country, there’s no shortage of destinations. In particular, the Naval Academy comes to mind, because they allow visitors to see parts of the school, and sometimes they even hold events that the public can attend. You might also consider visiting the Maryland State House or St. John’s College, both of which have a rich history dating back hundreds of years.

See the Bay on a Boat Ride

The nautical history here is undeniable, so it should come as no surprise that plenty of the people who live in the area have boats of their own and enjoy spending time out on the water. There are companies who can give you tours of the bay, and the weather is usually hospitable enough for the ocean breeze to be revitalizing instead of overbearing. If you’re already familiar with piloting a boat, you might even consider renting one to find your own favorite spot in the area.

Enjoy Lively Downtown Annapolis

Downtown is loaded with fine dining, shopping, and entertainment, making it a choice spot for you to plan spending some time in, even if it’s just to grab dinner with your friends each night. Some of our properties are even conveniently located right in the heart of downtown, so you can have quick and easy access to all of the good times waiting for you out there. Be sure to try the seafood while you’re in town, too, because some of the best seafood in the country can be found here.

Make Time for the Beach

Almost everybody loves heading down to the beach. If you’re from a landlocked location, or you just enjoy seeing all the different beaches in the country, you’ll want to make time for the vast stretches of beach in the area. It’s only about a 10-mile drive from town to get your fill of the sandy beaches and ocean breeze.

Come Experience It All

Whatever your vacation plans are during your stay, Annapolis has something to please. Our properties have all different kinds of locations in the area, so you’ll be able to find that secluded riverside getaway or that lively downtown beat. Get in touch with us now and come see the city!

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