Annapolis Visitors Guide

Sometimes it is the smallest details that can cause the largest complications in your annual vacations: no linens on the beds, a sick child, or arriving in town and not knowing how you are going to get around! Driving can be confusing in big cities, ride share companies may not exist in small towns, and bus schedules can be a little hard to decipher. Fortunately, you have our wonderful staff at At Home Annapolis on your side, and we’ve created this guide to getting around in Annapolis to help make your trip easy. Read more about the Annapolis Visitor Center below:

Rent a Car

If you like the comfort of being behind the wheel yourself, or if you think you might want to travel around our beautiful state, renting a car is going to be your best option. There are car rental places right here in Annapolis, but in the grand scheme of things, it is much simpler to rent from one of the many rental places found at the airport. You can add GPS to your rental, use a paper map, or simply use your phone’s GPS app to get wherever you want during your stay.

Take the Bus

With over 180 stops within the city limits and costing only $2 each way (children 5 and under are free and senior citizen fares cost only $1), taking the bus to get from spot to spot may be your favorite way of exploring the town. For those of you who have rented a car but don’t always want to drive, the Annapolis Circulator (the Loop) is free and does a loop around town to five different parking garages. Park in one of the garages and explore the areas between them; heading back to your car after a long day of exploring will be less tiring when you ride the Loop. The Annapolis Visitors Guide is helpful for any guest.

Water Taxi

Yes, one of the benefits of leaving on a big body of water is being able to get around by water taxi! Costing between $3 to $8 per person, depending on how far you travel, it’s a fun way to get from restaurant to store, from downtown to Eastport, and pretty much anywhere near the water!

Annapolis Car Service

However you choose to get around town, the best decision you will ever make is driving straight to one of our fantastic Annapolis rentals! Reserve yours today and enjoy all the lush comforts of home for Commissioning Week trips and beyond!

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